Do You See a Number? Black & White Optical Illusion Goes Viral on Twitter

Image via @benonwine on Twitter

We’re fans of optical illusions; anything that can work the mind and make us think is something we’re always here for. A Twitter user shared a black and white optical illusion consisting of swirls, it has numbers hidden inside, and people on Twitter really tried to solve this one.

The Illusion

Twitter user @benonwine shared a Tweet with this optical illusion. It’s tough to read because of the colors mixed with the swirls – looking at it for a while will make it seem like an animated image. Here it is:

If you want to see a hi-resolution version of this image, click here.

The Replies

People on Twitter were quite frankly mesmerized over this optical illusion; everyone had a different response. Many of them were concerned over the fact that they couldn’t see the correct numbers. Here are some of the best replies from the Twitter thread:

You can read all of the replies on Twitter here.

What Number(s) Did You See?

What did you see in the image? Share your answers in the comments below!


@benonwine on Twitter

Images & Featured Image via @benonwine on Twitter

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