Don’t Be Afraid To Love Again. Not Everyone Is Like Your Ex.

Okay. So things didn’t exactly turn out the way that you wanted them to. You’re feeling like such a fool right now because of how devastated you feel. You put so much of yourself into the relationship and now you have nothing to show for it except for your emotional wounds and scars. Going into it, you were hesitant. But you let yourself fall anyway. You allowed yourself to become vulnerable. You really put yourself out there even though you were going against your better judgment.

You decided to just take that risk. You decided to take that leap of faith because you thought that that was what it took to find love. However, your leap of faith didn’t exactly pay off, did it? You knew that you should have just kept to yourself. You knew that you shouldn’t have been venturing into the unknown like that. You knew that you shouldn’t have allowed yourself to be so reckless. But still, you took that dive. You placed your bets and you came out on the losing end of it all. You thought that you had a winning hand, but the universe threw a curve ball your way. And now you’re left feeling beaten and broken.

That’s what happens when you get your heart broken in love. You get so overeager at first. You get excited at the thought of finally finding love in life. You’ve seen just how beautiful love can be in the lives of people around you; people who have managed to find love for themselves. You see all of your friends and family who are in happy relationships and you think to yourself: I want that. You wait for your opportunity to come. It doesn’t come instantaneously, but it does come. And when it does, you get excited. You get your hopes up. You start dreaming up the life that you and your love interest can share together.

And the thrill of it all gets your heart pumping. Your mind is telling you to slow down and take things into perspective. But your heart is telling you to just dive into things. Your heart is telling you to not overthink anything. So you listen to your heart because it’s what you truly want after all. You allow yourself to become vulnerable. You decide to let love into your life. You open your heart up, and as a result, you open yourself up to getting hurt. But you don’t care about the risks. You know that what you have is something special. And you make a decision: you decide that you are going to give this relationship everything that you’ve got. You know that this relationship is going to last because you have decided that you’re going to give everything that you have to it. You’ve come to the resolution that you’re going to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work. And somehow, you are comforted with the idea of the universe rewarding you because of your good intentions and your commitment. You think that life is going to be kind to you just because you are genuine in the way that you love. You think that nothing could possibly go wrong in a love that you give your whole self to.

And yet, everything went wrong. Of course, things might have seemed so good to start out. You might have been suspended in a perpetual state of euphoria when you and your partner were just discovering yourselves and your relationship. You must have loved all of that. You were expecting the worst because you have heard just how difficult relationships could be.

And yet, you experienced no real difficulties. Everything seemed so simple. Everything seemed to easy. You gained a newfound confidence in your relationship. You were certain that what you had was meant to last forever. It seemed as if nothing could ever go wrong. However, over time, you were slowly proven wrong. You discovered that things wouldn’t be so easy after all. You learned that relationships aren’t going to be so simple. And little by little, all of the stress and turmoil started building up. You start having lots of arguments that go unresolved. You have so many issues that are left unaddressed. And before you know it, the relationship that you gave your whole self to has imploded. And you are left with nothing. You are tempted to crawl into a hole and just hide forever.

You decide that love is a lie after all. You decide to never open yourself up again because you are only going to get hurt. But that is the single biggest mistake you could ever make. Yes, there are no assurances or certainties with love. But that’s part of what makes it so beautiful. It’s something that you have to really earn and fight for. And when it does work out for you, you’re going to understand just how special it is. You’re going to understand why it always works the risk. You might be afraid to fall in love again. But know that a failed relationship with someone is an opportunity for you to find the relationship with the one you’re truly meant to be with.


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