Don’t Let A Man Take Away From Your Sense Of Self-Worth

Relationships should have couples on equal footing where neither is above the other.

You give so much of yourself to a person who is barely able to give anything back. You want so much for things to work between the two of you but you don’t seem to be getting that kind of energy from him in return. You often find yourself emotionally drained and exhausted at the thought of you being the only one who is working hard for this relationship. In the end, you end up making the mistake of doubting yourself even when it’s not your fault to begin with. Don’t let a man take away from your sense of self-worth.

A man should never have that kind of power over you. He shouldn’t have that kind of manipulative control over your feelings and emotions. Don’t let a man force you to think that you need to force yourself to become another person just to make him happy. You don’t have to change who you are just to accommodate him in your life. It’s either he wants to be with you as you are, or he can get out. Don’t let him be the one who calls all the shots. You are just as strong and as capable as him to steer the wheel in this relationship.

Don’t let a man leave you dangling on a leash, waiting for him to feed you an occasional treat every now and then. You’re not a person’s dog. You are a human being yourself and you need to get out of this master-pet kind of relationship. You can’t afford to keep waiting around for him while he’s off doing his own thing. He only goes to you whenever it’s convenient and you definitely deserve more than that.

Don’t let a man waste so much of your time trying to salvage an unsalvageable situation. He is forcing you to jump through hoops for him just to keep him in your life even when he has no intentions of staying. You deserve a better class of man; one who doesn’t abuse you and reduces you to a circus animal who can’t disobey orders.

Don’t let a man be the source of your unhappiness and negative emotions. Whenever you are in a loving relationship with someone, it’s supposed to be filled with lots of wonder, joy, excitement, and happiness. And so when your man is virtually making you feel the opposite of those things, then you definitely know that you deserve better. You can’t allow yourself to be content with that kind of lifestyle.

Don’t let a man be worthy of your defenses even when he is indefensible. He’s a sad excuse of a man and it’s just as sad if you keep on making excuses for him. He’s a terrible human being and he’s had his chances to prove otherwise. You can’t keep giving him the benefit of the doubt if he’s going to keep on disappointing you every single time. You have to demand for consistency in his actions.

Don’t let a man who isn’t serious about you demand that you take him seriously. If he threatens you for leaving, then let him go. In fact, open the door for him and push him out. No man should be telling you to take things seriously even though they refuse to do the same for you. A man who isn’t serious about your relationship is not a man you should be taking seriously at all.

Don’t let a man into your life if he doesn’t make the effort to do so. You can’t allow your life to be so screwed up by a man who virtually waltzes into your life like it’s his business to mess everything up. You have to stop being so lenient and you have to take control for your own life. You can’t give him full access to everything just because he thinks he’s entitled to it. He has to earn every part of your love; anything that you’re willing to give him.

Don’t let a man distract you from the things that are most important to you. You can’t let a man decide on what the most important things in your life are. You can’t let a man manipulate his way into your heart. You can’t let a man choose how you should be living your life because you are your own person and you are perfectly capable of forging your own path in this world.

A lot of times, people will make the mistake of treating relationships like positions of power. It never has to be like that. Relationships should have couples on equal footing where neither is above the other. Those are the kinds of relationships that flourish; the ones that allow for free space to roam and explore. Those are the liberating kinds of relationships that allow love and intimacy to thrive. 

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