Don’t Settle For The Man Who Doesn’t Commit To You

Don’t even think about it. Don’t pay it any mind. You should just say no and walk away.

One of the most annoying parts about exploring the dating world is not really being able to figure out the people that you’re with. You sometimes come across the occasional guy who says all of the right things; he will shower you with all wonders of prose. He will tell you everything that you could possibly want to hear from a man. But still, despite all of that, he can never ever make you feel like you can fully be confident in what he’s telling you. He just never manages to make you feel like you can trust that he means what he says. He looks like the prototype guy that you dream about; the guy that you see on the movie screens and you read about in romance novels.

And maybe because he seems a little too good to be true is the reason that you just find his sincerity and realness a little too difficult to swallow. You just don’t want to play the fool.   There are a million things that rush through your head about this person because you don’t automatically just want to settle on one conclusion. For one, you might think that this guy could actually be genuine and that you’re making a big mistake by refusing to trust him. Or maybe you’re thinking that there’s a reason that you can’t really trust him and you’re just saving yourself from making another huge mistake. Or perhaps he’s just trying to get something out of you and that’s why he’s acting so nice towards you.

But ultimately, you follow your heart and you respond in the way that you think he would want you to respond. He tells you that he’s interested in you and you reciprocate this interest. You feel that your heart rate quickens and you’re becoming short of breath. Your pupils dilate and you’re starting to lose the moisture in your throat and mouth. You are excited but also incredibly nervous at the same time. It all happens in the blink of an eye really. It starts out with you making casual small talk, you’re still trying to feel each other out. And before you know it, you’re really getting hot and heavy with the things that you bring up to one another. You’re opening up to each other about things that you would never openly discuss to anyone else.

And for now, you think that you’ve made the right choice of letting him into your life in this manner. You think that this could be everything you could have ever wanted from this situation. He seems like a guy you could genuinely have a real future with. He knows what he wants in his life and he knows how to go after his dreams. He is incredibly mature and he also knows how to treat you right. You really know that he’s a great catch and it would be foolish of you to not take things seriously; it would be foolish of you to not commit to him. But here’s the tricky part: he’s not necessarily willing to commit to you in return. And this is where things start to get really complicated. This where you really have to take some major reconsideration.

You start to question if you’re really the type of person who could actually be okay with being in a casual relationship with someone; if you’re actually the type of girl who can be noncommittal. You wonder if you could possibly be someone who wouldn’t be emotionally invested in a pseudo-relationship. You also wonder if there would ever be a chance of him actually changing his policy on commitment in the future, and if he’s actually worth taking that chance on.

Don’t even think about it. Don’t pay it any mind. You should just say no and walk away.

You have to understand that as great as a guy as he might be, he just isn’t going to be worth it if he can’t commit to you. None of it will be worth it if he just can’t give you the security and the confidence that you need from him to go about your life. None of it matters if you can’t be sure that he’ll be there for you whenever you need him most. At the end of the day, you have to realize that the only thing in this world that is really worth fighting for is love. And if he refuses to commit to you, then he just doesn’t love you. And that means that he isn’t really a guy who is worth taking a chance on. Don’t settle for the man who doesn’t commit to you. Be with the guy who loves you and makes sure that you feel that love by always being there for you.

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