Don’t Text A Guy Back If He Does These 7 things

In today’s world of dating, texting plays a big role in getting to know someone. But watch out for those red flags in their messages. They can be like warning signs telling you that this person might not be the right match for you. Pay attention to how often they reply, how they talk, and if you both click well.

So, let’s dive into the world of texting and see how it can help you figure out if he’s seriously wrong for you.

1. If he is being monosyllabic, then don’t force a conversation

If someone you like only sends short and simple messages like “lol,” “What’s up,” or emojis, it’s a sign they may not be very interested in you. When they respond with just “yes,” “no,” or “okay,” it’s best not to respond to those messages. Crushes can sometimes make us think differently, but it’s important to recognize when someone isn’t showing much interest in talking to you.

2. Don’t forgive the long silences and “read” receipts that go unanswered

If you keep sending messages to someone, and they’re not responding, it’s a good idea to stop texting them. People usually have enough time to reply relatively quickly when a relationship is just starting. If he’s taking a long time to reply and saying he’s busy, there’s a chance he might not be interested in you. He might be avoiding giving a clear answer to keep his options open and not feel responsible.

3. Him never making plans or initiating anything is a red flag

If someone likes another person, they will make an effort to talk or spend time with them. The important thing here is that both people should do their part. If he never starts a conversation and you’re always trying to come up with things to talk about or plan dates, it’s a sign to stop. It’s not only the man or the woman’s job to always make the effort; both should share the responsibility.

4. Try to observe a pattern; does he only text when he needs something from you?

If you’re okay with being the reliable person he only contacts when he wants something, that’s fine. However, understand that a guy who genuinely likes you will text you frequently, not just when he wants intimacy or assistance. Eventually, you might become the person he comes to when he wants to complain about other women in his life.

5. Don’t text him back if he just wants nudes

It’s pretty straightforward, if you don’t feel right about sending a revealing picture and you’re only doing it to make a guy like you, he’s probably not a good person. You don’t have to respond to his messages that make you uncomfortable.

6. If he’s into you when he is bored, but forgets about you when his friends are back in town, ditch him

There’s no reason to chase after someone who only contacts you when they’re bored. So, don’t keep making yourself available and responding eagerly every time he decides to text you during his free time. A man who genuinely likes you will want to be a part of your life and be there for you regularly. Think about what you’ll do when you need someone and he’s not there because he doesn’t care.

7. Texting him gives you anxiety

If talking to him makes you feel really nervous, it’s best not to spend too much time texting him. And if your conversations with him leave you feeling unimpressed or even sadder, don’t get too excited. Sometimes, there’s a gap in how people communicate and feel about each other. He might not be the exciting, life-affirming love you’ve always hoped to find.

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