Don’t Waste Any More Time On False Relationships

You can’t let yourself become paralyzed by your own fright.

You are a wonderful and amazing human being. You are individual who is deserving of the most amazing life possible. You are an incredibly gifted and strong person who is capable of accomplishing great things in this life. There are plenty of things that you could possibly get done in this life, but you can’t do these things if you continue to waste your time on things that don’t add value to who you are. You really shouldn’t have to be devoting your energy on people and relationships that don’t matter the false relationships.

It’s not just about that one relationship you were once in where you constantly had to support your leech of a partner who could virtually get nothing done without you. It’s not just about that other relationship you were in that wasn’t really an authentic relationship because your partner could never really give you the commitment that you needed. It’s not just about all the almost-relationships, the ones with partners who just couldn’t go all-in with you. It’s about all of these relationships, the false relationships. You have no idea just how strong you really are. You are scared that if you act on your strengths, you will come off as someone who is rude and off-putting.

You don’t want to be seen as someone who is selfish. But you have to know the truth: no one is going to blame you for wanting to look out for yourself. No one is going to hate you for choosing to only devote your time to the things and people that matter most to you. Up until this point, you have been to kind for your own good. You put so much belief in the people that you meet but you have to remember that you can’t save or fix everybody. Not even Superman could do that. As toxic and as damaged as the people in your life might be, you still have a tendency to not give up on them; despite the destruction and havoc that these people are wreaking on your own life.

Your selflessness has led you to becoming very vulnerable and it has got to stop. As much as you would want to believe otherwise, love just doesn’t have the power to solve all of the world’s problems. And that’s just something that you’re going to have to learn to accept. You are at a crossroads. It has always been embedded within the fabric of your character. You always want to give the people around you the chance for change. But you have to understand that you have to give yourself a chance at happiness as well. The more time and energy that you devote to hopeless causes, the more that you are depriving yourself of opportunities that could eventually bring you happiness.

You have to learn that it’s okay for you to love yourself to actually put your own personal desires and needs above those of other peoples’. Here’s the real truth that you’ve been ignoring all your life: no one is ever going to put you first unless you start doing it yourself. And you can’t let yourself become paralyzed by your own fright. You don’t have to fear the repercussions of leaving a false relationship that you might find yourself. You should never be afraid to just cut your losses. You shouldn’t hesitate to burn the bridges with people who only hold you back; with the people who bring you down.

It might be intimidating, but you are going to just have to muster up all of your courage to get through this emotionally tough ordeal. You have to trust that change will be good especially when status quo just looks a little too bleak. At the end of your life when you are looking back, you will mostly regret not acting on your deepest desires even when you know that you deeply wanted to. Ultimately, you have to adopt the philosophy of life being solely about the things that we value the most. Life should be comprised of the things that are most important to you.

You should never allow your life to be defined by the things that don’t bring you fulfilment or meaning. You should never have to be investing your life into matters that aren’t worth investing in. Time is short, and it’s valuable. And you have to understand that time isn’t something that you can ask for extensions with. Time isn’t something that you can buy or bargain for. Time is something that you’re given, and it’s something that you must always spend wisely. So spend your time only on the relationships and people that actually matter. These are the true and genuine relationships that actually add value to your life. These are the genuine relationships that make your life worth living.

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