Don’t Worry; Love Is Going To Cross Your Path Again

You are going to find love again.

At this moment, you probably think that love is a metaphysical impossibility for you. You probably believe that you won’t ever get another shot at the love that you let slip from your grasp just recently. You are probably convincing yourself that you had your opportunity and you squandered it; and now it’s lost forever. You probably don’t think that you’ve crossed paths with love once and you never will again. It might feel like your life is now completely over because you let that person you love walk away from you. You probably feel like the best days of your life are behind you and you have nothing to look forward to anymore. For all you know, the best is over and the worst is yet to come. You think that all the light is past behind you and all that awaits you in the future is pure darkness and misery.  

Don’t fret. You aren’t the first to feel that way. You aren’t the only one who is feeling that way now. And you are certainly not the last person who is going to feel completely hopeless. This is a familiar feeling especially to those who have loved and failed. It feels like an emotional knife to the chest. It feels like a spiritual blow to the head. It’s a deep burning sensation that you just can’t seem to relieve no matter how hard you try. And the worst part of it all is that you feel like all of the pain and hardships that you’re experiencing now is permanent. You think that all of your current struggles are never going to end; that this emotional weight is a load that you’re going to have to carry for the rest of your life. You probably believe that you’re never going to get back to a place of happiness; the kind of happiness that you had when you were with the person you loved so deeply.

A lot of us are familiar with that feeling. We’re not grasping at straws here when we’re trying to figure out what we’re going through. Plenty of people have been in your position before. And guess what; they survived. They made it out alive. And there’s no reason that you won’t make it through this either. You probably think that you’re special; that your pain is some kind of extraordinary force that seems insurmountable. But you’re wrong. No pain is too extraordinary; not even this. Yes, you were deeply in love with that person. Yes, you felt a sense of total ease and comfort with this other human being who just had a stranglehold on your heart. You thought that this was your forever person and forever just happened to evaporate right before your very eyes. You thought that this was the individual that you were going to tie the knot with. You thought that you had a life partner in this person. You thought that this was the best that life could possibly offer you and they still walked away. You think that you won’t ever get over this loss. But you just have to believe that eventually, you are going to get over this tough ordeal. It might be tough to believe in now, but it’s the truth.

And the reason why it’s easy to say that it’s the truth is because it has happened to so many people before. Heartbreak is not exclusive to you and you have to find comfort in knowing that. You have to be able to confide in the fact that there are probably plenty of people who have had much more significant losses in the past; but still they managed to navigate their way back into a place of happiness again. Sure, they were sad they were devastated for a time. But it was never permanent. As emotionally crippling as a heartbreak may be, it’s never permanent.

You are going to find love again. Love is going to come your way and you’re going to realize that there was no need for you to feel completely miserable and hopeless. You are going to find a love that will heal all of the wounds that you are having to endure at this moment. You are going to cross paths with the love that will right every single wrong in your life. You are going to find a love that will make your life worthwhile a love that will actually make you believe in the idea of perpetual happiness and joy again. You are going to find a love that is going to add endless color and brightness to your days. This is the love that will shine a bright light into the darkest parts of your heart the parts of your heart that you never thought you would be able to open up again.

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