Drew Barrymore Reveals She Hadn’t Shaved in Three Months

Drew Barrymore is keeping it real, as always!

In a new hilarious Instagram video, Barrymore shared a chaotic moment with her fans when she was doing some self-care in her ‘me time.’

The clip showed Drew, 48, wearing a towel with remains of shaving cream beneath her armpits as she spoke to the camera.

“You cannot make this stuff up,” she said with a loud alarm blaring in the background.

“I was so excited. I was finally shaving after three months, but the house alarm is going off.”

Explaining that the noisy house alarm interrupted her ‘me time’ and she didn’t get to take a bath in peace, Barrymore said,

“Well, that bath is just over. I did get to shave though — under absolute stress and duress and panic — but I got it done. So the joke’s on you, house alarm.”

The clip amassed thousands of views, and many people in the comment section once again applauded Drew for being authentic and genuinely herself despite being a celebrity.

“You look so beautiful – not a drop of makeup or alteration! So refreshing to see!” one wrote.

“She’s so stunning, and her bathroom is so… normal??!! I was expecting some gigantic freestanding tub embossed with gold or something,” a second commented.

“Not that it helps, but you’re an absolute goddess for posting this,” a third added.

Meanwhile, some fans asked why she took three months to shave when it’s necessary for a public person like Drew who meets people daily and hosts her own talk show.

“Ok sorry I gave to ask what the heck haven’t you shaved in 3 months?” asked one.

“I don’t understand! I shave everything everyday! 3 months? Come on Drew. Laughing is great every day. So is shaving girl,” said another.

“A huge movie star..an icon….SHAVES like most of us do??!! Not waxed..or lazer removal..shaves? And her bath is of normal size too,” another said.

The video comes a few weeks after the 50 First Dates actress revealed during an interview with InStyle that she doesn’t consider shaving a form of self-care.

“Self-care and I are not friends. My legs aren’t shaven. I try to clip my nails down because I don’t like dirt under them. I try to work out three times a week with girlfriends, and I usually make it two days a week, which is something,” she said.

“Three days a week is the goal. Sometimes, if I have time, I can do four days a week. It’s just that there’s no time,” she added. “Self-care for me is having my kids’ stuff organized to get out the door in the morning, lined up. That’s self-care. It doesn’t seem like it, but it is, because this fucking bubble bath approach is so irritating.”

Admitting that taking a long bubble bath as a form of self-care doesn’t bring her much joy, the mum of two said,

“That doesn’t bring me self-care or joy. Having my kids’ stuff in a system, lined up, their shoes and their jackets and their backpacks, that makes me feel like I won the morning.”

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