Dwayne Johnson Gifted a $30K Ford Truck to his Longtime Friend who took him in when he was Homeless

Famous Hollywood actor Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as The Rock, gifted a wonderfully heartfelt gift to a longtime friend who took him in when he became homeless as a teenager.

The 50 years old American superstar who is popular for his roles in Fast and Furious, Jumanji, Red Notice, Baywatch, Shazam, The Rundown, and Black Adam, once led a completely different life.

On January 1, 2021, The Rock took to his official Instagram account and shared a beautiful video featuring his longtime buddy, Bruno – the same guy who took him in when he came to Nashville as a 15-year-old kid.

“Merry Christmas, Bruno. Love you, brother! 100% crackhead free,” the former professional wrestler wrote in his lengthy caption.

“My life (especially my teenage years) has been full of the wildest twists and turns – yet God and the universe had always found a way to put a few people in my path that would change the trajectory of the road I was going down.”

Meet one of my lifelong friends, Bruno Lauer — or I prefer to call him, “Downtown Bruno,” The Rock penned.

The fast and Furious star shared with his millions of fans on Instagram that he and his mother were evicted from Hawaii and were sent to Nashville to live with his dad.

But when he landed in Nashville, he got to know that he wasn’t going to stay with his father and that plans had changed.

“Instead, I told I was gonna live with a guy named Bruno. Who at the time lived in a tiny room at a spot called the Alamo Plaza motel. Bruno could’ve (and should’ve) said hell no, I’m not takin’ in some kid who I don’t know,” he continued in his caption. “But he didn’t.”

“He took this punk kid in and we became lifelong friends,” he said. “Then ironically – about 9 years later when I had the infamous “$7 Bucks” in my pocket – I started my wrestling career in Memphis, Tennessee and AGAIN – had no place to live and Bruno took me and let me shake up in his trailer, til I could get on my feet.”

The highest-paid actor in Hollywood told fans that he was only 15 when the former wrestling manager let him stay in his trailer. Not only that, but he also helped Dwayne buy his first car worth $40.

“So I could hustle a crackhead out of his car one night at a honky tonk in Nashville. But the hustle was on me, because when I took off down the road there was a SECOND CRACKHEAD passed out on the floor in the back!” the Baywatch alum laughed.

In his emotional video, Dwayne then thanked Bruno for his selfless act of kindness toward the actor and surprised him by presenting him with his new car – a Ford F150 truck worth $30,000.

Seeing his gift from his best friend, Bruno broke down in tears and hugged Dwyane while repeatedly saying, “Oh My God.”

“Merry Christmas, Bruno, and since you helped me “buy” my first car – I figured I could return the favor and buy you one that 100% does NOT have a crackhead in the back seat,” the superstar wrote in his caption.

“I love you, brother. Your kindness and heart – helped change my life’s trajectory.”

“And when you’re ready to retire from “the business” you just say the word. I got you covered. We’ll go “downtown.”

“Enjoy your new ride and give Walls, Mississippi my love and gratitude,” he concluded.

Fans in the comment section couldn’t help praising and applauding their favorite actor for his wonderful gesture toward his friend, and many wrote, “Well done, Rock. We love you!”

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