Emotional Footage of Ukrainian Boy Being Hugged By His New Classmates in Madrid

Images via @denis.on22 on TikTok

Over the past two months, things have gone from bad to worse in Ukraine. Millions upon millions of families have been separated, over 3.5 million have now fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries for safety.

Among one of those refugees is a boy who safely reached Madrid, Spain. The boy has relatives living in Spain. He arrived with his mother and his 3-month-old baby sister.

An emotional and wholesome video of pure happiness and joy was shared by Ukrainian diplomat – Olexander Shcherba. It was also shared by Denis Visotskiy on TikTok.

In the video, this boy went to CEIP Peru school. And as he entered the classroom, he was instantly met with immense love and care when all of his new classmates rushed to embrace and hug him.

These happy children didn’t let this boy feel like he was new to the school; they kept hugging him like they’d been best friends forever.

It’s a genuinely emotional sight to witness in a world that’s going through such a turbulent time—a real showcase of humanity and how empowering it is.

It’s moments like this one that prove that humanity will strive and continue to thrive no matter how bad the situation gets!

If you want to help the refugees of Ukraine, please visit UNCHR’s donation page here.

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Images & Featured Image via Denis Visotskiy on TikTok

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