Every Girl Has A Best Friend In Her Life With Whom She Can Share Everything, Without Any Fear

This is for you, my best friend, the one girl I can share everything with. You are the one person in this world I can always turn to when I need to let something off my chest. You are always the one I turn to when I need to be my genuine self. Thank you for never judging me or making me feel insecure. Thank you for always doing what you can to assuage my fears. I want you to realize that your efforts to be my best friend are not lost on me. I am always going to be deeply appreciative of everything that you are and everything that you do.

A lot of times, in life, I find myself reflecting about how everything has turned out and why things have come to be a certain way. And I realized that you played a vital part in shaping my life as I know it. You were always there when I needed someone to help me calm the storms of my life. You were always there to help give me strength whenever I felt like I was about to slip and fall.

You always somehow found the right words to say in the times where I felt the most lost and helpless. You were always so willing to just drop everything that was going on in your life just so you could be there for me. You were always so willing to listen to me no matter how stupid or how irrational I was being. And that’s when I knew that I was truly safe with you. That’s when I knew that you were my person. That’s when I knew that you were my best friend; the one I would be able to open up to about absolutely anything under the sun.

You were always my most trusted confidant. You were always subtly nudging me towards where I needed to be without making me feel like I was being a complete idiot. You were always so willing to reassure me that I was on the right path even when I was just continuously doubting myself. You were always telling me to stick with what I knew. You were always encouraging me to keep on fighting because you believed that I had it in me to succeed even when I stopped believing in myself. You always held my hand whenever you knew that I was being weak.

You were always so quick to rush to my aid whenever I was starting to lose my hold of the situation. You never let me stray from the path that I was on. You never allowed me to be less than the person I should have been. You never allowed me to settle. You never let me quit. And that’s when I realized that you ALWAYS wanted what was best for me – and you probably still do.

You were there for me to talk to me about all of my boy problems. There were so many men who walked in and out of my life – a lot of them leaving a trail of heartbreak in their wake. I was always so down and devastated whenever my relationships didn’t work out. But you were my constant. You were always there. You always showed up even when all the boys would be leaving me behind. You would always have a tub of ice cream ready for me. You would always give me a shoulder to cry on. You were always so quick to give me words of comfort whenever I was at my lowest. It’s because of you that I have now come to understand the “hoes before bros” idea. So many boys just left me out to dry, and it was you who always helped make me feel better afterward.

Even when I was being selfish, even when I was being my most unreasonable, even when I was at my most irritating, you were always there. You are the true model of consistency in my life and that is why I always feel so safe whenever I am with you. That’s why I never feel any sense of insecurity or anxiety when I’m around you. You taught me what it means to find home and comfort in another person.

You are the only person in this world with whom I can feel like I can talk to about anything. You are the one person who I know I never have to filter myself with. You are the one person in this world who I know would never judge me for whatever I blurt out of my mouth. You are the one person I know I can truly call my best friend. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

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