Every Strong Lady Was Once A Weak Girl Who Promised Herself Never To Be Trapped Again

You could see it in the way she never responded to your rudeness with hostility. She was always submissive and timid.

You could see it in the way she never responded to your rudeness with hostility. She was always submissive and timid.

You knew it from when every time people stepped on her to get ahead, she was just slowly taking the opportunity to rebuild herself to become better.

It was obvious during the times she willingly gave pieces of herself away to the people who demanded much more from her than was actually necessary.

You really knew that it was there when she still had the patience and humility to ask for forgiveness even when she was the one who was hurt and left in tears; even though she was the victim in the situation.

She was slowly building herself up even though you never responded to her pleas for help. She was strong enough to make sure that she never left you feeling neglected or in want even though that’s how you made her feel every second of her life.

It broke her heart a million times over whenever you cancelled on her even though you practically meant the world to hear. It took her a long time to rebuild her life, but eventually she was able to do it without your help.

She succumbed to your lies because she never thought that someone she was completely honest to could ever be so dishonest to her. She thought that just because she loved you, you would treat her with respect.

She was a victim of her own expectations when she thought she could eventually change him because she had a good heart that was worth emulating and taking care of.

You knew she was acting the fool thinking that you would become a better person if she were able to show you what true love really meant. The problem is that you just weren’t interested enough to care.

She had her knees weak every single time you managed to deliver a line that you knew could manipulate her like a puppet. You were practically the puppet master whenever you were with her.

She always chose to be an optimist and see the glass as half full when in reality, the glass was almost empty. She was blinded by her love and passion for you, and you took full advantage of it.

She never hesitated to take care of you when you were your most vulnerable even though you never gave her a second thought when she was the one in need of help. She never asked for your help, but she wished you would have offered it.

She allowed herself to be weak and cry herself to sleep every night over a man who wasn’t even thinking about her. He didn’t care about how he was making her feel.

She stayed in bed, tossing and turning, wondering why she was never enough for you. She was pondering your relationship and what opportunities she had of really winning you over.

She never liked to play the game, but you practically wrote the rulebook for it. You were always willing to run circles around her even though she was tired and exhausted. To her, there was no thrill in the chase.

You don’t understand the wasted hours she spent just analyzing all the nuances of whatever relationship you had. She knew that something was off with everything you said, but she could never find herself able to read between the lines. She could never break through your shell.

She ran to her phone every single time you called her during the most ungodly hours. All you wanted was someone to pleasure you and feed your misogynistic ego. She asked for nothing in return and she never got anything too. If she had phoned you in the middle of the night, you wouldn’t be picking that phone up at all.

She started seeing through your alibies and realized that you weren’t capable of complete honesty, but she accepted it. She thought she saw something special in you and it would be just a matter of time before it came out. She just needed to patient, she thought.

Then the compliments started to lose their appeal. She knew that everything you said had ulterior motives, and that you weren’t as genuine as she hoped. She knew that you wanted different things in the relationship, and that she had to start respecting herself more.

She started realizing that she was the better person in the relationship and that she was settling by allowing herself to be tormented by someone like you.

In the past, you were the one who always walked away from fights and arguments. You were the one who left her confused, broken, and incomplete. That’s why it absolutely stunned you when she was the one who walked away for the first time. You didn’t know what to do, and you got a taste of your own medicine.

She stopped settling for apologies, and you knew that you were losing her. Maybe you even lost her at that point.

She started to drift from you farther and farther to the point that she started to realize the appeal of a life without you.

Everything that you did to her made her stronger even though she felt the weakest that she had ever been.

She knew that she was worthy of much greater things and that you weren’t the person who was going to give her those things.

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