Everyone Only Has 3 Chances to Fall in Love and it’s Important to Take Them All

How many of these chances have you taken in your life?

We’ve probably encountered our fair share of clichs and adages that try to touch upon the essence of love and romance. Love is a many splendored thing. Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Love is not love which alters when alteration finds. These are but simple snippets written by some of the greatest minds in human history, and yet, none of them succeed in fully explaining what love truly is. That’s because love is such a complex feeling and emotion. It is the quintessential bedrock of human experience.

No one in this world wants to live without the prospect of love. Love can take many shapes and forms. Sometimes love can be our parents taking care of us; watching over us and making sure that we’re ready to face the world. Sometimes, love can take the form of the hobbies and interests that we’re passionate about. For those who are lucky enough, love is what we choose to do every single day of our lives in order to make a living. And then there’s the most common kind of love; the one that we find in a significant other. This is the love that grants us a partner for life. This is the kind of love that seems to elude so many people; and yet, it’s also the most sought after.

What makes romantic love so appealing to so many of us? Perhaps it has something to do with the commercialization of the experience; and how it’s portrayed in media. Left and right, we have leading men and women starring in the latest Hollywood blockbuster about love and romance. We are given the faintest glimpse into these idealized versions of love stories, and we get hooked. For those who are susceptible to deceit, they think that the love that’s shown on the silver screen is the kind of love that everyone gets. These people think that we are all deserving of the perfect, happy-ever-after, effortless kind of love that they show in the movies; and while we may be deserving of love, we have to understand that love isn’t going to be perfect, perpetually happy, or effortless. Love is the rolling hills of emotion, where we find ourselves on top of the world in one minute, and down within the depths of the valley in the next.

Love is going to be difficult, and it’s going to require a lot of work, time, patience, and commitment. Love isn’t going to be all smiles, embraces, and kisses. Love is going to have lots of tears, cold shoulders, and pursed lips. And yet, despite the challenges that love can bring, we persist in our pursuit for true love. Why? Because love is what makes life worth living. Love is what adds color to our everyday. Love has the power to either make or break us, and we crave for that exhilaration.

Some experts claim that most people really only ever fall in love just three times in life. These masters explain that these kinds of love are normal, encouraged, and necessary even. Whenever we find ourselves in the position to experience these kinds of love, then it would best that we embrace it, and make the most of each experience as we possibly can.

1. The Fairy Tale Love

This most usually the kind of love that is commonplace amongst youngsters. For a lot of the relationships who are experiencing this kind of love, it is highly likely that these are their first chances at having romantic experiences. That is why these inexperienced couples will tend to idealize their love and only choose to see the best parts of it while ignoring all the underlying problems.

This is the kind of love where the people involved are willing to give up their principles and entire selves for the sake of the relationship, and that’s a cause of concern. A relationship is always made of two separate entities meshing together well. These are the kinds of couples who are overly concerned about how their relationships look from the outside. – Continue reading on the next page

2. The Complex Love

This is the kind of romantic relationship wherein couples are somewhat experienced in the field of romance and they know how to navigate with the people that they are linked with. They have a bond that is genuine, sincere, and innocent, and yet, their relationship has its fair share of problems.

These are the relationships that seem perfect, and yet, there are just a lot of factors, whether internal or external, that hold them back from taking things to the next level. This is the perfect manifestation of the right love at the wrong time clich. These people try their best to make their relationship work, but it’s just not in the cards for them.

3. The Enduring Love

This is usually the kind of love that people find on the tail end of their search for a relationship. In fact, this is the kind of love that typically falls into someone’s lap. It comes out of nowhere like a welcome surprise, and is gradually built upon over time.

It’s not as flashy or as passionate as the other kinds of love, but it carries with it the weight and endurance to carry on. It’s the kind of love that people choose to settle themselves in for the rest of their lives.

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