Woman Reveals her Ex Secretly Placed Airtag on their Daughter

A woman revealed on TikTok that her former partner put an AirTag on her daughter when she went to stay with him over the weekend.

TikTok user IKIERA who goes by the username @ikieralee19, posted a video on her account four days ago and shared with her 49.1K followers that she shares her daughter’s custody with her ex-partner.

When her daughter went to stay with her dad over one weekend, he sneaked an AirTag in her jacket.

“So, I got a notification that there was an AirTag near me,” Ikiera said in her video.


After receiving the notification, she looked around, checked for the device, and eventually found it inside her daughter’s jacket.

“Do you know where I found it?” The video then showed Ikiera pulling out an Airtag out of her daughter’s pink jacket.

“Me and my daughter’s dad split custody,” she explained further. “He has her on the weekends, and he decided to put an AirTag in her jacket.”

“Is this normal? Like, is this a normal human being thing to do?”

The user ended her video by asking wondering if it was a legal thing to do.

According to Apple, it is stated on its official support page that these mini devices should not be used to track people and property that does not belong to you.

“They should not be used to track people and should not be used to track property that does not belong to you. Using these products to track people without their consent is a crime in many countries and regions around the world.”

“If an AirTag, set of AirPods, or Find My network accessory is discovered to be unlawfully tracking a person, law enforcement can request any available information from Apple to support their investigation.”

Ikiera’s video received over 1 million views on TikTok, and her comment section was filled with different responses.

Some people said that her ex did it for his daughter’s safety. However, many believed that it was an act of privacy breach and she should not take it lightly.

“You should mail it across the country lol,” one sarcastic user commented.

“I would be normal if you were notified and it was put in a watch or something like that,” said another.

“Buy a new jacket and when she is with you leave that jacket at home and have her wear her new jacket with you,” one user advised.

“Nope. Bc if it was for safety at school put it in her backpack, sewing it in, and not telling u or her is just So strange. No explaining that,” another said.

“I feel if he was truly concerned for safety reasons he would have discussed it with you or mentioned it.. Why hide it? Legally he can’t do that,” someone said.

When people asked Ikiera to confront her ex and ask him about his reasons, she said she did exactly the same.

In a second video, Ikiera revealed that when she talked to her former partner about the issue, he said he was collecting addresses of places she takes their daughter to.

Okay, now that’s definitely something she should be worried about!

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Sources: TikTok

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  1. First off the daughter is not a possession, or commodity… she is his birth child and they share custody… he SHOULD have discussed it with the Mother… if he had concerns again he should have discussed this, but he has suspicions about where she takes their child… this is definitely not easy or a good thing where he’s concerned… he has a hidden agenda and Mom did the Right thing to make sure about the legal process of this….

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