Expert Reveals a Common ‘Habit’ Men Engage in That’s Considered Cheating

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The age-old debate on what constitutes “cheating” in a relationship persists. A spontaneous kiss during a night out is often considered a clear betrayal, while casually looking at another person in a grocery store might be perceived as harmless. However, when it comes to engaging with others on social media, the boundaries become less defined.

According to a relationship expert, women worldwide may have a cause for concern if their partner is consistently ‘liking’ photos of other girls on Instagram. This doesn’t refer to images of pets or aesthetically arranged Christmas trees but rather selfies, glammed-up pictures, or more provocatively, bikini shots.

Sadia Khan, a relationship professional, has observed that many of her clients witness early termination of their relationships due to issues arising from their partner’s social media activities. Khan suggests that men ‘liking’ posts from other women can trigger feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and a breakdown of trust in their relationship.

Even if one doesn’t categorize social media ‘liking’ as cheating, it’s widely acknowledged that showing interest in someone other than your partner can be disrespectful, suggesting a ‘wandering eye.’ Sadia Khan, the relationship expert, highlighted this issue in a recent podcast. A man, who previously viewed his social media ‘liking’ as harmless, shared how he underestimated the impact it had on his girlfriend. He realized that liking photos of scantily clad women on social media could be hurtful and damaging to the trust in their relationship.

“If you’re in a relationship and you’re liking other girls’ photos – I originally thought it was nothing but I underestimated how much damage that would be for [my girlfriend],” he said. “If she’s scrolling social media and she sees I’ve liked a photo of a girl who is half naked, of course she’s not going to like that.”

The man added, “If I see that she’s liked a photo of a topless guy – I’ll go crazy. If you are in a relationship if real life, you have to be on a relationship on social media as well.”

Khan, the dating expert, provided advice to the man, suggesting that refraining from liking such photos would require minimal effort and could potentially save the relationship. She acknowledged that some men tend to dismiss their partner’s concerns by labeling them as insecure, but emphasized the importance of considering and respecting their feelings.

“But [having an issue with] women who post provocative pictures and men who like provocative pictures is not being insecure,” she told her listeners. “It’s recognising that it’s an invitation for something you don’t want to invite into your relationship.”

Following the podcast’s circulation on social media, particularly on the TikTok account @inspired_minds, viewers shared their opinions on the topic. Some expressed that they find it disrespectful when men engage in such social media behavior, and others highlighted the significance of emotional fidelity, stating that unfaithfulness can also manifest in one’s thoughts and intentions.

“I think it’s so disrespectful when men do this,” said one.

“Many believe infidelity is only through physical contact but that is not true. You can also be unfaithful in your heart. Everything starts there”, another agreed.

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Source: TikTok

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