Expert Reveals Aspects in the Bedroom That Men May Not Truly Enjoy With Women

A sex expert has revealed insights into aspects men do not enjoy in the bedroom. Men aged between 19 and 69 participated in a survey sharing their intimate thoughts on what they dislike during sexual encounters with women. The research conducted by Tracey Cox for the Daily Mail brought surprising results.

It highlighted that men once felt ‘resentful’ when their female partners used vibrators in the bedroom; however, a shift has occurred, with more men now considering these devices as ‘teammates’ rather than adversaries.

A participant in Cox’s study expressed his perspective: “I don’t mind her using a vibrator if I’m not there to have sex with her, but I think it’s only courteous to let me use my hands and fingers to stimulate her if I’m there. It’s demeaning. What does it mean if your wife can be brought to orgasm more easily by a machine? How is that supposed to make men feel?”

Contrastingly, a US study highlighted in the research revealed that 70 percent of men have no issue with women using vibrators. However, nearly four in 10 women stated that they believed the use of sex toys would upset their partners.

Oral sex plays a significant role in the bedroom, and men certainly have their opinions on how it should be approached. While it may seem that women often receive less attention, the research suggests that men do derive pleasure from pleasing their female partners orally, albeit with specific preferences.

Citing one man from the study, Tracey Cox reported, “She absolutely has to be completely hair-free – shaved both front and back – and fresh for me to go there.” It’s essential to note that personal grooming choices are entirely individual, and everyone has the right to decide what feels comfortable for them.

The research also highlighted that men dislike “not being given instruction or feedback” and “not being allowed to perform” oral sex. Despite a perception that men may be eager to try anal sex with their female partners, the findings suggest that not everyone is entirely open to it.

One response in the study challenges the stereotype that all men are eager to engage in anal activities: “I think it’s rubbish that all men are dying to have anal. Sure, when you’re a teenager, it’s the ultimate, but most of the men I know aren’t huge fans. After you’ve done it once, the appeal wears off quickly. I’ve never had a woman ask me to do it.”

Surprisingly, not all men are keen on watching porn in the bedroom either. One man expressed, “I find it off-putting if a partner suggests we watch porn together. It’s an intensely private experience for me. I don’t want her seeing videos I’ve clicked on, and the sort of things she’d like to watch will be too tame for me. I don’t want to have to justify why I watch something she thinks is weird, and I don’t want to have to explain why I like watching women that look nothing like her. Women might enjoy porn, but they don’t use it the way men do.”

The research identified ‘having to justify why I want to watch a certain type’ and ‘having to pretend I only do it with her’ as other aspects men dislike about watching porn with their partners.

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Source: Daily Mail

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