Facebook and Instagram just made everyone around the world log out of their accounts

Facebook made everyone log out without explaining why. This situation is like when Twitter had a problem in 2022, and people were suddenly logged out. Now, users are confused about why both Facebook and its app Instagram, owned by Meta, are not working.

It’s not only Facebook; Instagram is also down. This has caused a lot of users to have a public meltdown on X/Twitter, which is the last major social media site left – or X if you want to be technical.

In the past, both Facebook and Instagram experienced significant downtime, leaving users unable to access the platforms. These instances caused widespread confusion and frustration among users who were suddenly disconnected from their social media networks.

The reasons for these outages were not always immediately clear, leading to speculation and concern. During such downtime, users often turned to alternative platforms to express their thoughts and seek information, highlighting the central role these social media platforms play in contemporary communication.

X, which used to be called Twitter, also took a jab at Meta and posted about the recent failure of downtime with Facebook and Instagram.

Elon Musk, a big business person, and owner of X (formerly Twitter) also talked about it 🙂

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