Fall In Love With Someone Who Knows That It Isn’t Always Going To Be Easy, And Yet Ready To Fight Like Hell For It

Sorry. Love isn’t a first-class ticket to some wondrous place where you and your lover can just live out the rest of your days without any struggle or worry. Love does not work like a fairytale or some kind of fantasy where nothing seemingly goes wrong and perpetual happiness is guaranteed to you. It’s never like that at all. You’re not going to have a love story that is going to be without your fair share of fights and disagreements. You aren’t going to be without your fair share of screwups, trials, and tribulations.

There are plenty of challenges that you are going to have to hurdle on your path to happily ever after. There really is no such thing as having a blemish-free romance. All relationships are going to have their share of imperfections and problems. That’s not something that you are going to be able to avoid. There is no such thing as a relationship that is going to be free from pain, disappointment, and the occasional heartache.

But that is totally fine. That really isn’t something that you need to be worried about. You don’t really need to have that fairytale kind of romance for your love to be valid. In fact, the raw imperfect nature of your love is what makes it real. That’s what makes it exciting. If love didn’t have its share of challenges, then it would be incredibly boring. The very fact that love is so difficult is what makes it so precious. Nothing in this life worth having ever comes easily. And the best things in this life are always worth fighting for – most especially love.

You don’t need to have a fairytale narrative for you to be happy in your relationship. You just need to be with someone who really understands who you are and accepts you for your genuine self. You need to be with a partner who gets that things aren’t always going to be fine and dandy. You need to be with someone who is ready to face the challenges that you might encounter in your journey of love. You just have to be with someone who knows that it isn’t always going to be easy, and yet they take that leap of faith anyway.

You need to be with a person who is going to hold your hand during the darkest moments of your life; someone who is never going to leave your side just because things start to get difficult. You need to be with someone who is going to love you even when you are at your worst; someone whose love and passion are going to be unwavering. You need to be with someone who is humble enough to know that they are imperfect themselves; someone who is self-aware enough to know that there is always room for growth and improvement. You need someone who is going to own up to their faults and apologize whenever necessary; someone who is always going to do whatever it takes to better themselves for the sake of your love and the relationship.

You have to know that it doesn’t matter how stable your career might be, how successful you are, or how much money you might have in your bank account. That doesn’t make you immune to troubles and turmoil in your relationship. You are still very much vulnerable as a couple. You still can’t be complacent. You still can’t be taking one another for granted. You have to prepare yourself for the unknown and unknowable. You have to know that there will be some hurdles along the way that you will never be able to anticipate or look out for. And that’s when your relationship is really going to be tested. That’s when you will really discover just how strong your relationship really is.

Love is never going to be just rainbows and sunny days. No matter how much you love one another, you aren’t always going to be able to see things eye to eye. You aren’t always going to be on the same page. You are going to have your arguments and disagreements because you are both unique individuals who have your own distinct personalities.

And that’s perfectly natural. Just know that the strength of a relationship isn’t defined by how little or how much they fight and argue. It’s not about how they are able to avoid conflicts and disagreements. No. You can determine the strength of a couple with how well they are able to manage these conflicts and setbacks; with how well they are able to deal with these problems and trials.

That’s what love is about. You’re always going to have to fight for it. But in the end, you know that it’s always going to be worth it.

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