Why Guys Who Are Close With Their Families Make The Best Boyfriends (Husband Material)

If he is close with his Momma, he is going to be closer to his baby Momma. I cannot emphasise this enough, how important it is for a guy to be in touch with his sensitive side. Men are very instinctive; a man who is willing to invest in his family is a sign of good genes. I have always preferred men that are tight with their kin personally. My partner had a very sensitive side when it came to family and though I was always fine with it, my girlfriends had other things on their minds. They always said that, ˜he is the kind of guy that would go running to his mother if there was ever an incident between you two, and then he would handle the situation with the outdated dating advice his mother gave him’. I didn’t beat my head around these things once, I call my mother when I am depressed, don’t I?

What if a guy did call a family member if he is upset? Family is the best and most sincere companionship there is. In this list, I will not be talking about the obsessive compulsive psychopaths who refuse to grow out from their mothers’ bosom; men that wouldn’t be able tell a bird and a potato apart.

I am talking about men, real men! If I am going to love and probably marry him, I might as well trust him, because a man can tell right from wrong. Here is list of reasons why I think men that are close with their family make the best boyfriends (husbands). I took a leap of faith five years ago and I don’t regret it a single bit.

1. They already know a lot about relationships

It’s silly in a way, but living with their siblings and parents have already taught them a lot about relationships. Such men know how to comfort their partner in a time of distress. Looking out for people they care about is a part of their being. They are filled with love, care, affection and compassion.

They have had their parents live together all their lives. Even if they were raised by single parents, they were first hand witnesses to their dating life. In both cases, they had something to learn from. Did I mention children are like sponges? Apart from all of that, they have grown up looking out for their siblings and dealing with their emotional drama. Living with five siblings couldn’t possibly be half as difficult as living with your partner.

2. They are so good with children

My partner loves children, the first thing I noticed about him was how good he was with his sister’s kids! I just found it the sexiest thing ever. I know some women reading this might never want to have kids, and that’s okay. I, on the other hand, am the kind of girl who has been day dreaming about having babies since the day I first held my baby doll.

I don’t know, there is something so hot about men that love kids. I wonder what it’s going to be like when my partner will hold our baby in his arms, I think I will melt like butter on a hot stove!

3. They are good at sharing

They are the Gurus when it comes to sharing; they are just so good at letting you use their things. If I ever want to wear my partner’s shirt, "well, okay, go head". If I want to use the bathroom first, "go on, I can wait". If I want to have a bite from his piece of the pizza, "bite in, by all means". I mean, leave everything be, how awesome is it to share someone’s food without them being complete asses about it?

4. They can handle chores and responsibilities

Well, if you are a stay at home wife or girlfriend, chores may become the best way to pass your time, but if you both work, you need to split them right down the middle. It would be so unfair for one of you to do all the chores. If he is a family person, he will definitely help you around the house. Just imagine him walking around the house cleaning, sweating, helping; is it just me who finds a helping man hot? My partner is so responsible; he not only takes care of his things, he manages my stuff as well. I am not a well-organized person, he knows how to get things done and he helps me get them done as well.

5. He understands when things go wrong

The best thing about living with such a guy is that he is so understanding. He is willing to listen, comprehend and compromise when things don’t happen the way they should. They don’t act like control freaks in awkward or uneasy situations. They work so well under pressure, it will amaze you! They understand that certain scenarios of life aren’t absolute, things go wrong, people make mistakes and they learn. They are willing to forgive and forget because they have such a big heart.

Once you become a part of their circle of trust, they will turn the world around for you, because for them, family comes first and you are family!

Have you found Mr. Right?

Ladies, do you agree with these things? It’s time to talk about what you LOVE about him. Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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