Fans Come to Defend Jack Nicholson After Reclusive Hollywood Legend Was Seen for the First Time in 18 Months

Hollywood Legend Jack Nicholson was seen in public for the first time in eighteen months.

The actor, 85, was spotted hanging out on the balcony of his Beverly Hills home.

In ‘unflattering’ photos of the actor shared by the Daily Mail, Nicholson looked sleepy but relaxed with his gray hair and an untrimmed beard. He was seen wearing an orange T-shirt.

As reported by Daily Mail, “The three-time Oscar winner’s disheveled appearance comes after multiple reports suggested the star’s pals were concerned he would die alone, in a similar manner to his former next door neighbor and fellow screen legend Marlon Brando.”

The spotting comes three months after the Bucket List alum’s friends were reportedly concerned about his well-being as they had not seen him in over a year.

He was last seen in public with his son, Ray, at an LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors game in October 2021.

Although fans are relieved to glimpse The Shining actor finally, ‘The Daily Mail‘s headline’ didn’t sit well with many fans, and they criticized the tabloid for using the word ‘disheveled’ to describe the actor’s looks.

“Jack Nicholson, 85, looks disheveled on LA balcony as he’s seen for first time in TWO YEARS,” their Twitter headline read.

Reacting to the not-so-nice ‘choice of words’ by the British tabloid, many fans expressed their displeasure.

“He’s literally 85. Let him be old in peace,” one fan commented.

“I look like this right now at 39,” wrote a second.

“Jack Nicholson is still alive. He’s 85. I identify with this look. This look is my spirit animal,” a third added.

“How do you expect an 85 year old to look like… the dude is livin his best life and sleeping in. Let him retire in peace. Hell if I was retired I probably be so lazy not showering for days while watching Netflix lol. Don’t worry no one would smell me, I’m an introvert,” a fourth said.

“Dude looks great. We should all be so lucky to be doing so well at 85,” another said.

“When you’re Jack Nicholson, 85, you can look however the f*** you want to look,” another said.

“Today in the news: 85-year-old man who just woke up looks like a 85-year-old man who just woke up. More at ten,” said another.

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