Fans of Avengers:Endgame movie badly beaten up a MAN after he revealed movie’s climax

A man came out of the cinema in Hong Kong after watching the new Avengers film and loudly revealed the plot of the movie to the queuing fans who hadn’t yet watched it. Fans were waiting for their turn to watch the movie and this man started shouting out the spoilers of the movie, one of them couldn’t control himself and started beating this man.

Taiwanese Media reported that the man was left in severe pain, his mistake was revealing the surprising ending of the most awaited movie AVENGERS: Endgame.

AsiaOne reported that cinemagoers had been waiting in a long queue to watch the most anticipated movie of the year, but their excitement was ruined when someone started revealing the spoilers of the movie and that too very loud that only a hearing-impaired person would ignore it.

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