Fathers Have Huge Impact on Their Daughters’ Lives, Science Says

In matters that concern family dynamics and development, not too many of us truly understand the gravity and importance of the bond that a daughter and a father are going to share together. And that’s not just some random piece of lore that is spread from one generation to another. There is actually some substantial scientific research to confirm that fathers and daughters need to have tight and healthy emotional bonds to ensure the proper development of the daughter. It’s not just that girls are better off from having a strong father figure to turn to throughout various stages in life. It turns out that fathers who are emotionally invested and present in the lives of their daughters are actually playing crucial rules in the emotional development of their kids. It’s not just a matter of convenience anymore. It’s actually a necessity in most cases.

1. Why are fathers important to the emotional development of a daughter?

Based on the study that was conducted, daughters who are found to have close and healthy relationships with their fathers tend to be more comfortable with being open and honest about their feelings. This enables them to be ready for having close and intimate relationships later on in life. And these relationships don’t necessarily have to be romantic ones. Having close emotional bonds with a father figure can help women have healthy relationships with friends, workmates, and boyfriends.

Another important aspect of a daughter’s life that is affected by a father’s emotional availability is the child’s sense of values and principles in life. When a father is able to create a healthy dynamic between the two of them, then that means that he is helping her boost her sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness. That, in turn, is going to help her develop a very positive self-image.

2. What are the practical significances of a father’s presence in his daughter’s life?

Aside from the emotional factors, dads can also play very significant roles on a practical level. When it comes to matters of physically healthy and financial stability, fathers are very important. Studies have already indicated that women who have father figures who are more involved in their lives tend to grow up to be more financially stable and physically healthy. Of course, this was a study done to contrast the lives of daughters who had absentee fathers as well.

A lot of the time, the dad is the one who is perceived to be the symbol of financial strength in a family. If you combine that with having strong emotional and physical health, it’s likely that a daughter is going to be very financially comfortable and successful in the future.

3. Why do dads need to be very involved right from the start?

Dads who are important parts of their daughter’s lives even at the earliest stages are going to be able to benefit their daughters’ lives substantially as opposed to dads who only show up later on in life. In fact, research on this idea is relatively new. It wasn’t up until a couple of decades ago wherein dads were actually allowed to be physically present at the births of their children. In the past, mothers used to be seen as the primary homemaker. They are often the ones who are left in charge of family planning and development. But it’s different nowadays. Moms and dads are now sharing equal roles and responsibilities when it comes to raising their children. There are more opportunities that are afforded to fathers these days which enable them to be more hands-on right at the very start. Dads are now able to put their babies to sleep at night. They are able to feed their kids with prepared baby formula. Dads are able to change diapers – and so on. This means that fathers are able to establish intimate relationships with their daughters right at the very start.

4. What role does media play in all of this?

There is no denying that we are in the golden age of media wherein information can be passed and consumed with just the tap of a finger. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing. There are still those of us who perpetuate primitive ideas of parenting by saying that dads shouldn’t be so hands-on with regards to raising their children. Dads should always be encouraged to play more vital roles in taking care of their babies. It’s no longer just the mom’s job at this point.

5. Moms are important as well.

But you shouldn’t take that to mean that moms aren’t going to be important in raising their daughters. Moms should always play active roles in shaping their kids’ lives as well. It’s always going to have to be a team effort between the mom and dad.

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