Fed-up Single Woman Becomes Furious over ‘Atrocious’ Dating Scene and Says Men Ghost Her for Expressing Needs

A single woman from Australia is so fed-up with the whole dating scene in her country where men ghost her for expressing needs or any signs of expectations for a serious commitment.

Taking to her TikTok account, Kim W said men always ghost her for being honest with them about her needs and expectations from a relationship and claims no man wants a serious relationship with her but only wants to fool around and mess up.

The 33-year-old Melbourne native explained in a three-minute long video that she is mentally drained after talking to several men in the last few months who only enjoy the initial spark of the relationship and then run away as soon as it gets serious.

“It’s honestly such an absolute s*** show,” she said on TikTok.

“I’m 33 this year and thought by this age I would’ve met someone… It’s honestly so, so bad out there. Last year I was ghosted by so many different men.”

Kim said she used to become excited before meeting new people and going through the talking stage, which is always the most exciting part of a new relationship. However, she has become so exhausted with time because nobody wants a serious relationship, and men either ghost her, manipulate or even gaslight her upon confrontation.

Kim added that she had been lied to so much in different relationships, and now she doesn’t want to go through any of it if the end result is the same as earlier.

“I have been made to feel so bad by guys for communicating my basic needs, putting personal boundaries in place. I’ve had them gaslight me for doing this. I’ve had them then ghost me for doing this,” she said in her TikTok video.

“It is literally atrocious. I think people think there’s so many other options out there.”

The beautiful blonde woman continued, “Don’t get me wrong I think the dating apps and social media have definitely given that [idea] to people. It does portray that there is so many options.”

The user further said that after going through so many bad experiences and failed relationships, she just does not want to go through the same ordeal again, as it has become mentally exhausting for her now that she is 33 years old.

“I’m sick of having guys chase me, pursue me, want something, tell me all these amazing things, and make me think they’re interested – and then as soon as I get close to them, slightly let my walls down and be vulnerable, they retract,” she said. 

“How is this still happening at my age?? Do better guys! Please! Because I’m so so sick of this.”

Many people who watched her video resonated with Kim and said they have gone through something similar and dating apps are simply a waste of time because a lot of people don’t want to settle or date with good intentions and commitment.

“And most think they’re god’s gift when they’re barely a 2/10! They’re always chasing the next best thing,” one wrote.

“46 in Adelaide and it’s an absolute s–tshow out there,” complained another. “It’s happening everywhere, dating apps have ruined everything!!!”

“I’m 43 in Melbourne. No conversation and the flaking out on dates, it does my head in,” a third added.

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