Female Uber Eats Driver Disguises Herself as a Man so She Can Feel Safe Delivering Orders at Night

A woman who works as an Uber Eats delivery driver revealed that she disguises herself as a man in order to feel safer while delivering orders at night.

Tia Zakher, from Montreal, took to TikTok and shared a clip of herself dressing up as a man before heading out for her work as a delivery driver.

In the clip, Tia, who has over 73.8K followers on TikTok, admitted that she takes advantage of the male privilege by putting on a masculine masquerade and makes more money by delivering orders at night. She said she does so to save herself from harassment and any incidents that she could be subjected to if people knew she was a woman.

“POV: You’re scared to deliver orders at night alone, but you make more money at night, so you dress up as a man,” the text on her video read.

Meanwhile, she wrote, “Male privilege,” in her caption alongside the video.

The clip received over 272K views on the video-sharing platform, and thousands of people liked the video – in the comment section, viewers backed her up and said it’s so sad to be living in a society where woman cannot feel safe on their own.

“Its so sad we have to go through this as women,” one wrote.

“Girl anything but stay safe,” a second said.

“I worry so much when I see women delivery drivers or uber! always tip extra. Stay safe,” a third added.

“be safe always, youre doing great,” another commented.

“We all trying to be safe. Wishing you all the best,” someone wrote.

Meanwhile, some viewers advised Zakher to wear baggier pants and men’s trousers to make her look more convincing.

“Just wear more baggy pants for extra accuracy,” someone wrote.

“Try pants that aren’t cuffed at the bottom, I think that will help sell it,” wrote someone else.

Speaking to The New York Post, Tia Zakher, an Egyptian who lives in Canada, said she started dressing up as a man during her nighttime food deliveries because she felt unsafe due to some evil men lurking on the streets.

“I feel unsafe delivering nighttime orders appearing as a woman due to chances of harassment or unwarranted attention from men on the street,” she said.

“I came up with the idea to dress up as a man as I felt like I would feel more safe when doing so, and it is less likely for someone to bother me,” she added.

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