Football fans NOT Happy after watching Salt Bae Getting Close to Lionel Messi and touching the World Cup Trophy

Yesterday’s match was simply a treat to watch, and people are still not over the outstanding victory of Argentina.

On December 18, after a nail-biting game of 90 minutes, Argentina beat France by 4-2 on penalties at Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

The most celebrated player of the match aka the GOAT aka Leo Messi – the greatest Lionel Andrés Messi has been in the news even before the final match, and fans have been rooting for his glorious victory in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

After an incredible win yesterday against the French, Messi lifted the World Cup for the first time in his career after playing 172 times for his country.

“I wanted to close my career with this, it was the one that was missing so I can no longer ask for anything else,” said Messi, 35, in his victory speech.

“I was able to get the Copa America and now the World Cup that I had fought so hard for. I’ve got it at the end of my career. But I love football and I want to continue living a few more games being world champion.”

The final game was watched by fans all over the world, and millions cheered for his well-deserved win. When Messi lifted the World Cup trophy, his fans smiled and cried simultaneously.

Amid all the celebrations and smiles, there was one thing that greatly pissed Messi fans and football fans in general. People are not at all happy after watching Turkish Chef and Social Media Influencer Salt Bae holding the trophy and acting weirdly as he made his way onto the pitch.

In a now-viral footage on Twitter, the Turk could be seen engaging with the world champion and trying to get close to him despite Messi’s attempts to avoid him.

The Internet personality famously known as Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gokce, went onto the pitch after the winning team’s trophy celebrations and held the trophy in his hands. He was also seen biting into one of the winner’s medals as he posed for a photo.

As per the rules stated by FIFA, “The original FIFA World Cup Trophy can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup and heads of state.”

But Salt Bae broke the rules and clicked several photos with the golden accolade in his hands.

The Times’ sports correspondent Martyn Ziegler took a screenshot of one of Nusret’s Instagram photos in which he was seen holding the trophy and wrote on Twitter,

“I’d love to hear FIFA’s explanation of why this celebrity chef gets access onto the pitch at a World Cup final for selfies with Messi etc.”

Sports journalist Andre Noruega also posted on his Twitter and wrote, “Fcking absurd. Who let Saltbae out on the pitch? Saw a bunch of photos of him HOLDING the World Cup trophy and even a picture of him biting on a medal. At least Messi knew not to give that guy trying to make THEIR moment about HIM any attention. Desperately grabbing Messi.”

He also posted a screenshot of rules shared by FIFA officials and wrote, “Uhm, okay then. Saltbae is either a World Cup winner or head of state, then.”

Not just Andre, many fans of Messi are furious at the Turkish Chef for grabbing the football legend multiple times, even though it is evident from the pictures doing rounds on social media that he was trying to get rid of him.

“Messi told Salt Bae no twice while he’s trying to hug his family, guy chased and grabbed him again. What a prick. Only time I saw Messi angry in the last hour,” one angry fan wrote on Twitter.

“Salt Bae pestering Messi has to be the perfect symbol for all the awful off-field shit hovering around and poisoning anything good about this World Cup. Dismal little character,” another wrote.

“Somebody actually let SaltBae touch the World Cup and he smacked it,” someone commented.

Meanwhile, an angry Twitterati who posted the now-viral video on the platform, which shows Gokce desperately touching Messi while he hugged his fellow, said that the champion knew his attention was needed elsewhere.

“Even Messi knows salt bae is a hack,” the caption on the video read.

Despite the weird fiasco of the encounter, Salt Bae managed to get a photo with the GOAT and shared it on his Instagram.

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Sources: Twitter

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