For The Ones Who Chase A Love That Is Far Less Than They Deserved

Know that you always deserve the kind of love that ceaselessly brings you joy and happiness.

We’ve all gonethrough the experience of accepting a kind of love that is less than what weactually deserve; that is less than what we actually expect for ourselves. Wetend to accept the love that first presents itself as a legitimate opportunityfor happiness even though we’re not entirely sure of it. The sad fact is thatlove isn’t always going to be real. Love isn’t always going to be genuine.Sometimes, love can be misrepresented by other things. Thesemisrepresentations; these feelings that we mistake for real love can bedetrimental to our emotional stability. They can be the causes for eventualheartbreak and disappointment.

These thingsthat you think are legitimate experiences of love have the power to absolutelybreak you without mercy. You might have even already experienced it before. Youmight have even already endured the hardships of heartbreak. You might havealready gone through the difficulties of getting over something that youthought would last forever. But that doesn’t make you invulnerable to similarexperiences in the future. We are all so desperate for love that our minds canplay tricks on us; our emotions can also betray us.

If you are thetype of person who is always chasing after the wrong love; who always giveswithout expecting anything in return; who always puts everyone else above yourown self, then maybe you just take a breather for a moment. Put your romanticlife on pause for a bit. Reassess just how much you value yourself as a person.See how much self-worth you actually have. Try to think if you have beenconstantly giving up your dignity for the sake of a love that isn’t real. Youhave to come to terms with the fact that it will be absolutely difficult forpeople to love you if you don’t love yourself first.

You have to growup and be mature about your feelings. You aren’t always going to get everythingthat you want in life. You have to know the difference between the things thatyou want and the things that you need. You have to learn how to distinguishbetween the kind of love that you’re interested in and the kind of love thatyou actually deserve. A lot of times, you overlook the love that you deservefor the love that you just want at that moment in time. You deprive yourself ofthe opportunity to go after the love that is meant for you for your own selfishideas. – Continue reading on the next page

You have to takethis time to discover more about yourself. You have to learn more about whatyou want and need out of life. You need to learn how to read people better. Youhave to grow into a mature individual who isn’t afraid to go after dreams andaspirations. You need to become the kind of person who is absolutely sure aboutgoals and desires. You can’t expect to find success in love and relationshipsif your expectations themselves are just too high. You have to be a realist.You have to be learn how to be pragmatic in the magical world of love andromance.

You have tounderstand that the best kind of love is never easily acquired. All the bestthings in life are worth waiting and working hard for. Nothing worth having inlife is ever handily given. You have to be willing to endure the long stretchesof patience. You have to be more understanding and discerning with yourdecisions. You have to understand your feelings better so that they don’t endup betraying you in the end.

Sometimes, thekind of love that you really deserve (the one that you’re subconsciouslylooking for) doesn’t always happen in an instant. Sometimes, you can find lovein the most unexpected of places. Sometimes, love is already there right underyour nose and you just fail to notice it. Sometimes, you just have to be ableto sit and wait for love to present itself to you when it’s ready. Stop tryingso hard to force the issue. Stop trying to manipulate the romantic situationsof the people around you just so they fit into your desired narrative. Theuniverse doesn’t care about what you think you want. It only cares about whatyou deserve. And until you focus all of your energies on finding the love thatyou ACTUALLY deserve, then you are never going to be content.

Know that youalways deserve the kind of love that ceaselessly brings you joy and happiness.You deserve the kind of love that is organic and unforced. You deserve the kindof love that brings you comfort and contentment every single day of your life.You deserve the kind of love that makes you want to wake up every morning witha huge smile on your face. You deserve the best kind of love possible: the realkind. 

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