Friends Who Say “I Love You” Before Hanging Up The Phone Are So Important

There is one thing that really surprised me as I have been growing up in my twenties and that is how difficult it is to find a true friend. To me, a true friend is someone who you can be your absolute genuine self around without having to worry about them judging you or making you feel bad for who you really are. To me, a true friend is someone who you might not necessarily talk to on a daily basis, but do you know that they are always going to be there for you whenever you call for them.

To me, a true friend might not always be there for you drink every single second of every single day but they’re going to be there for you when it counts. Anyone else in your life who doesn’t necessarily fit into that category; who doesn’t in this area you live up to those standards is merely an acquaintance. These people are merely temporary faces, names, and personalities that you don’t really need as you’re making your way through this world. These are friends you don’t necessarily love and who might not love you back either.

I have also learned that a lot of people tend to fall out or friendships during their twenties because that is when a person usually tends to go through a drastic change with regards to their personality. The people that we were during the early parts of our twenties might not be the same people that we are as we are emerging into our thirties. And because of that dramatic shift in personality, a lot of relationships are going to have to suffer for it. You might have to cut ties with people who you feel no longer add value to your life. You might have to burn bridges with those who you feel like are holding you back from who you need to be. You might have to say goodbye to certain individuals who you know are creating negative impacts on your life. And all of these people might have been close to you once before but you’re just going to have to get used to a life without them as you move forward. That is just a part of human nature. We all must be constantly adapting to the environment around us and that means change for the most part. And change sometimes means having to cut out people in our lives who might be near and dear to us.

It’s normal to walk away from people you might consider to befriend at first. You have to understand that you are not going to be able to hold on to everyone’s hands as you make your way through this world. Sometimes, you’re going to have to let go of certain people to make space for the essentials in your life. And I realized that all of my essentials were the ones who did whatever they could to make sure that I felt loved and valued. That is why I really value all of my friends who tell me that they love me. I have found that in this world love is really the only thing that is worth fighting for; that is worth holding onto; that is worth treasuring. Every single one of us is going to need that one person or a select group of people that we surround ourselves with to make us feel loved and validated. That is why I have really come to treasure the friends in my life who love me – the ones who really go out of their way to prove their love to me.

And there is a certain vulnerability that comes with loving another person and being loved in return – even with friendships. I understand that vulnerability immensely. And that’s why I’m just so thankful for having friends who go out of their way to really express their love for me. These are the friends I can be my complete self with. These are the friends who let their true selves shine whenever they’re with me as well. They trust me enough to be vulnerable with me. And so in return, I let myself be comfortable whenever I’m around them as well. It’s that mutual trust and camaraderie that is built in these loving relationships that make life a lot easier to bear. In fact, they make this life worth living. So don’t be afraid to let love into your life in the form of friends. Having friends who love you could be the most important aspect of any person’s life. No man is an island, as they say. And you are never going to want to be caught in a position of having to face this world alone.

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