Frugal Mom Stirs Controversy by Charging Parents for Playdates with Her Kids

Brianna Weimar, a mom from Monroe, Washington, has stirred up a big discussion online. In a recent TikTok confession, she dropped a bombshell – she charges other parents for playdates with her kids.

Yep, you read that right! She’s sending out invoices for everything from snacks to soap and even the electricity bill.

In the video, which Briana initially shared with her 684.7K followers, she started by saying, “I sent a Venmo request for $36 to my son’s friend’s mom after they visited our house for a playdate – and she replied with the rudest message.”

“So I sent my Venmo request, and it simply said: ‘Hey, we had a great playdate. I sent you a Venmo for $36 for food and supplies.'” She added. “But this other mom said, “Thanks for the hospitality but this is like a price-gouging scheme to make money,” and they called it a “bill.”‘

Briana stuck to her decision, saying, “While her son was here, I kept a running list of everything he used during the playdate on my phone notes.”

“I made sure to put all the food her son ate. I counted the number of pumps that they used of soap when he washed his hands. They played video games for 45 minutes, so I calculated how much that electricity cost was, and then divided it by two, so for my son and her son. And then he did spill his juice on the carpet so I charged a clean-up fee.”

Briana itemized nine things she charged for in the screenshot of her message. Her list included items like two juice boxes for $4, a bag of goldfish for $3, Gogurt for $2, and even three squirts of soap used during hand washing for $1.

Many comments poured in on the video, and most of them disagreed with her asking for money.

“Playdates foster friendships. Friendships aren’t transactional. This was uncalled for,” said one.

“I was under the assumption if I have people over, it’s on me – dinner, wine, movie, kids snacks, toys, etc. I would hope the same if my child or myself was invited over,” a second commented.

“Perfect way to end all friendships for your son,” another wrote.

On the other hand, some followers supported Brianna’s approach.

One viewer commented, “I would be happy to pay, but I’d like to know the cost beforehand.”

“Go mama! I believe that you should have charged more, but you do you,” someone wrote to which Bri responded: “I gave them a deal!”

“Parents have been shocked, confused, angry, saying that they will not send their kids over to our house anymore. People have been very critical, they do not agree with this method at all,” said Brianna.

The 33-year-old mother of two began thinking about charging guests for the items their children use at her house when she noticed prices going up and felt the impact of the rising cost of living.

She explained how she made her own spreadsheet to ensure her prices were reasonable and consistent. Even though she had a disagreement with one mother, she confirmed that the Venmo request was indeed paid.

“Food is getting so expensive now, I was constantly refilling my kids snacks from all of their friends being over to play at our house,” she said. “I have a very detailed spreadsheet of all of the snacks my kids eat on a regular basis and supplies they use. I calculate how much each individual piece of food or pump of soap cost.”

“For example, I weighed out how many ounces each pump of soap is. Then I took the cost of the bottle of soap and divided by the ounces. I’ve been charged myself one time, my son broke a very valuable base at someone’s house and they charged me for it.”

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Source: TikTokDaily Mail

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