Furious Mum Destroys Her Own Gender Reveal Party Because She Didn’t Want Another Girl

An angry mom-to-be destroyed her gender reveal party because she didn’t want another girl.

Recently a video went viral on TikTok in which a fuming woman could be seen trashing her own gender reveal party leaving the attendees shocked.

The video showed the pregnant woman crying and pulling down the decorations while the guests worriedly stared at her throwing a tantrum.

Viewers could see overturned tables and chairs in the video and the pregnant woman ripping the sash off her body and leaving the party angrily as everyone watched her in utter shock.

“Oh, she really mad! It’s ok. Aww,” one person could be heard saying this in the background. “I didn’t think she was for real.”

All that happened once the baby’s gender was revealed and the woman learnt, she would become a mother to another girl.

The clip was shared by one of the attendees @aintyoukyb on TikTok with the following text,

“POV: “When you destroy your own gender reveal because you didn’t want another girl.”

Meanwhile the caption read, “Y’all I’m still in shock.”

The video amassed over 1 million views on TikTok with thousands of people commenting on it – while some viewers also sympathized with the mum-to-be and said it’s the pregnancy hormones that made her react that way, and she’ll come around once the baby is born.

But the majority slammed the mother-to-be and said it is unbelievable how a woman could be so ungrateful and thankless.

“Not “awww”… it’s me taking my gift back and leaving,” one wrote.

“And they saying aww, doing all this for what. That was so ungrateful,” a second said.

“I got (4) girls sweetie & I wouldn’t change it for nothing in this world GIRL MOMS ROCK it’s so FUN,” a third added.

“That’s gonna make the little girl feel so loved and wanted. I never cared if baby was a boy or a girl as long as baby was healthy x,” a fourth commented.

“I have 4 girls wouldn’t want it any other way besties for lifeeee,” another woman said about her girls.

“I’d give anything to have another girl….my girls are my world, this is wild to me,” wrote another.

“Everyone keeps talking about the gifts, someone need to grab the baby and run,” someone said.

“A healthy baby is what’s important! That just hurts people’s feelings, awkward too,” said someone else.

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Source: TikTok

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