George Clooney says 17-Year Age Gap with Wife Amal Affects their Relationship

George Clooney is an American actor and filmmaker who started his acting career on television in 1994. His first breakthrough role on NBC’s ER as Doctor Doug Ross gained worldwide recognition.

The actor received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for his series ER. Throughout his career, Clooney won four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards.

His notable projects include ER, Ocean’s Eleven, Ticket to Paradise, Batman & Robin, Gravity, Up in the Air, From Dusk till Dawn, and The Descendants.

The dashing actor married twice – first with actress Talia Balsam and second with a Lebanese-British Barrister, Amal.

His first marriage with Talia didn’t end well, and the actors parted ways in 1993 after staying together for four years.

After his divorce from Balsam, George decided to stay single until he met the love of his life – Amal, in July 2013.

“When they were introduced by a mutual friend over dinner at George’s home in Italy, there was an instant connection between the pair. After communicating over email for several months, George and Amal finally met up for their first date in London.”

“Amal ended up getting a quick introduction to the spotlight when the evening was captured by the paparazzi,” PEOPLE Magazine reported.

Despite the age difference of seventeen years, the couple got along really well, and just a few months into their relationship, they started vacationing together.

“We never talked about marriage when we were dating, and I asked her out of the blue,” he told CBS This Morning in 2020. “[It] took her a long time to say yes. I was on my knee for, like, 20 minutes. I finally said, ‘Look, I’m gonna throw my hip out.’ We told that story to her parents, and they’re like, ‘There’s something wrong with his hip?’”

Recently, the Batman actor spoke to E News! and said that although many people believe they have a huge age gap between them and that would probably make things complicated, it’s the opposite for them.

According to George, he took a lot of time after his divorce to choose a partner, and when he met Amal, he knew he was making the right choice.

“The long wait has provided me with a level of maturity that makes me the perfect partner for Amal,” he said.

“We agree on most things, and we don’t argue; we almost never argue,” he added. “When you’re 61, which apparently I am… As you get older, you’re kind of looking at things a little differently.”

He said people often worry about the age gap between him and the human rights lawyer, but he has always found the difference ‘helpful’ in establishing a healthy relationship.

“You see, Amal wants to paint the wall yellow, and if I was younger, I feel like that’s a stupid color. And now you just go, ‘I don’t care. Who cares if a wall’s yellow?'” he explained.

When the Ocean’s actor was asked to give relationship advice to his fans, he said,

“Because I started so late, I’m not allowed to give advice to anyone. I have to look at it as if I’m the luckiest human being alive and then just appreciate that.”

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  1. To age is just number when your in true love ,been married twice both are dead so I’ve single since 2011 and have no plans to marry again

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