Girlfriend jokingly sends Photo of her hairy legs to her Boyfriend, He says it’s “kinda gross”

via @bonedrymilkers on TikTok

Update: The TikTok user has made her account private since the story became viral.

Hair is a natural part of the body – we all have them and are born with them. There’s a stigma in our society regarding women having hair on their legs, arm-pits, and bodies. The stigma has been around since ancient times, and it’s slowly starting to trickle away as more women start accepting themselves as being happy the way they want to be.

Today’s story comes from a TikTok user @bonedrymilkers – and it started as a harmless text that was meant to be a joke. She messaged her boyfriend a photo of her hairy legs while saying:

“lol babe look at how HAIRY my legs are… hahahah i haven’t shaved since Christmas”

But things quickly went downhill as the boyfriend responded with something rather mean and insensitive.

His replies were:

“It’s kinda gross tbh”

“… you should be embarrassed it’s really just unhygienic for a female.”

She posted it on her TikTok, here is how it all went down.

Her photo that started the conversation:

Here’s how the conversation went from being a joke to hurting her feelings:

After she posted the hurtful, hair-shaming, conversation on her TikTok – the conversation further escalated:

You can watch the full videos here & here.

Her videos gained over 17 million views combined on TikTok, where people unanimously supported her and told her she needed someone better. A man who doesn’t understand his woman’s needs and then disrespects her like that is just wrong.

Here’s how the community responded to her video:

She has broken up with him, and we think she’s better off without someone so immature. We agree that men and women have preferences, but there’s a way to say things, and then there’s this hurtful and mean approach this man took. Being kind doesn’t cost anything – it’s free.

@bonedrymilkers, if you’re reading this, we applaud you for standing your ground and staying true to yourself! More power to you!

Source: @bonedrymilkers on TikTok

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  1. Well, honestly the man is not at fault totally. The girl too. Why on earth would you post your private convo on social media. She’s the one being immature. The guy is just being honest and hey he is not just somebody, he is in fact his bf and not shaving your leg hair is really gross. I mean what’s wrong with being honest with ur girl. She is not accepting a fact and that’s a problem. Everyone is unique, he is entitled to his opinion.

    1. Hi, he could have just said babe I love you but I don’t love your leg hair but instead he made her feel shit about herself. People have a hard time with the way they look and social media doesn’t help with all these filters having flawless skin plump lips ect so having the person that’s mean to find you beautiful say crap like that is going to be hurtful he should find her beautiful just the way she is. I’ve got stretch marks from having two kids and I hate them but my partner loves them he’d never dream about putting me down because of it every time I pull my face or complain about them he tells me off says that it’s natural and beautiful just the way they are he makes me feel good about myself and the way I look that what a partner should do but clearly this guy is just a boy not a man

    2. Haha another immature kid spotted. How tf is it gross when it’s something very natural to have body hair. U guys have it why cant you accept that woman can also have it?

  2. Tell me what male wants to sleep with a female who feels like a cave girl in the 21st century? This is just lazy.

  3. I mean…. it is kinda gross. Why would you let your leg hair grow in like that? Did she expect her boyfriend to say it was sexy? She started this sh*t on purpose.

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