Girls, Wait For The Man Who Gives You The Love You Deserve

Just trust that he’s out there. Believe that he’s going to eventually walk into your life and give you the love that you deserve. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less right now for some temporary relief or instant satisfaction. He’s the only one who would ever be able to love you for the long haul. He’s the only guy who can give you the love that you have been looking for.

You shouldn’t be settling for someone who is average because love is never something that should be settled for in the first place. And love, in the truest and purest sense of the word, is going to be far from average. Love isn’t something. You shouldn’t be forcing yourself to think that “just okay” is good enough all because you’re too desperate. You shouldn’t be forcing yourself to settle for the guy that you’re with now just because you’re too impatient. It would be much better for you to stay single and wait for the guy you’re truly meant to be with as opposed to just staying with someone who can give you some immediate relief and gratification.

Love isn’t always going to work on your schedule. Love works on its own time. Sometimes, it comes when you want it, and sometimes it doesn’t come at all. But regardless of whenever love chooses to come in your life, one thing is for sure: once it does, it’s going to be the most amazing thing you could possibly ever experience with another human being. And love isn’t going to just come into your life if you pressure it to do so. You can’t force love to bend to your personal preferences. You can’t force love to adjust to your impatience.

You’re just going to have to stay patient and wait for love to come into your life. Sometimes, it waits before it comes into your life so that you can actually build yourself up to the person you need to become in order to sustain long-term love. Sometimes, it waits for the other person to get ready and become who they need to be in order to make you feel happy and loved. There are so many factors at play here and it would be arrogant and foolish of you to think that you would be able to control and manipulate everything to your favor.

You need to sit, wait, and stay patient for true love to come into your life. Don’t settle for the man who is just going to give you the love that you need right now at this moment. Wait for the man who is going to give you the love that will sustain you for a lifetime. Wait for the man who is going to hold your hand in all walks of life. Wait for the guy who you know will be standing next to you when all of your dreams come true. Wait for the guy who you know is always going to have your back no matter how hard things might get.

You shouldn’t be settling for someone just because you’re too afraid of being judged for being single. You shouldn’t be settling for someone because you desperately want to experience what everyone else seems to have with their significant others. Be comfortable in your own skin and wait for your love story to take place in its time. Your man is out there and he is coming for you. You just have to wait and make sure that you are both ready and available for him when he does. If you settle for some mediocre guy now, you are essentially making yourself unavailable to the guy you deserve to be with.

Wait for the guy who is going to give you a sense of safety and security. He’s going to be the man who can make you feel comfortable even when you’re being thrust into some really uncomfortable situations. He’s the kind of guy who would be able to bring a sense of peace and serenity into your heart. No matter how chaotic or messy things get around you, you would always be able to find a sense of calm with him. He would always be able to give you that harmony and balance that you seek within your own life. Wait for the guy who can love you with all of his heart.

He’s out there. He’s looking for you. He’s making sure that he’s readying himself to become the man who is actually deserving of being with you. You should wait for him. Allow him to prepare to love you with the intensity of a thousand suns. Don’t rush into anything with anyone else. Every other man just isn’t worth it. Wait for him… and only him. Once he comes, you will understand why you had to wait so long.

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