Glenn Close Appears Makeup-free and Natural at 76 and Can’t Help Gushing over her Lookalike Daughter

Glenn Close looks beautiful at the age of 76.

Born in 1947, Close began her acting career on the stage in 1974 with Love for Love. Her career spanned over forty years, and she received several accolades for her brilliant acting performances.

Her achievements include three Emmy Awards, three Tony Awards, and three Golden Globes. Glenn hasn’t bagged an Oscar yet, however, she has been nominated eight times for an Academy Award.

Her notable projects include Fatal Attraction, The Hook, Four Good Days, 101 Dalmatians, The Wife, Cruella, Guardians of the Galaxy, Albert Nobbs, The Big Chill, The Wife, Tarzan, Hamlet, The House of the Spirits, The Great Gilly Hopkins, Paradise Road, Nine Lives, Back in Action, The Lion in Winter, Evening, Cookie’s Fortune, and Home.

In March 2023, Glenn celebrated her 76th birthday on the 18th of that month. On her birthday, the Guardians of the Galaxy actress shared a video on her Instagram to update fans about her health. Close boasted her makeup-free face and short white hair undone in this video.

Talking to her followers, Close said she wanted to catch up with her fans and update them about what she had been up to lately.

The performer, named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, told fans about her recent activities while mentioning that the portrait behind her back was the painting of Elizabeth 1 that was on the set of her film, 102 Dalmations.

“What a wonderful update. I could listen to you all day Glenn. I admire your energy and passion. I hope you feel better soon,” one fan wrote.

“Always nice to hear from you! So looking forward to The Summer Book. When I heard that you’d been cast I purchased the book. It’s truly a beautifully written piece. All the best to you! Safe travels!” a second said.

“So sorry you had to miss the Oscar’s. You would have been the highlight. And YES to being “drunk” with words dancing around in your head. Such a perfect way to describe the love of reading,” a third wrote.

“Your voice is so wonderfully soothing. I’m glad you are feeling better and enjoying some rest with The New Yorker always a great read. Be well,” said another.

Last year in an interview with Glamour, Close gushed about her gorgeous daughter, Annie, 35, and said she is proud of her.

“Well, I’m a mother, so I’m proud of my daughter, most of all. I’m proud that she’s a fantastic human being.” She said. “I’m proud that she’s fiercer than I am. She’s the person that I call probably the most to get her opinion about something, because she’ll have a perspective that I know I don’t have, and I need that perspective.

Glenn’s daughter, Annie, appeared with her mum in the film, Father Figures, where like The Wife, she played a younger version of Glenn’s character.

Close shares Annie, her only child, with her ex-boyfriend, John Starke – the pair dated four nearly four years and welcomed Annie in April, 1988.

“When my Annie was three, she looked at me, and said, ‘I want you. I want all of you,‘” she said.

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