Gran, 62, Wants Eighth Baby with 25-Year-Old Husband

Cheryl McGregor who is a mother to seven and a grandmother to seventeen children wants to have her eighth child with her new partner, Quran McCain.

Despite their thirty-seven-year age gap, the couple tied the knot last year in September.

Quran McCain, now twenty-five, and Cheryl McGregor, sixty-two, from Rome, Georgia, first met when McCain was fifteen, but McCain doesn’t think they fell in love until last year.

Even though her husband is younger than one of her kids, the grandma says their sex life is fantastic because they have “fantastic chemistry.”

They have also set up an OnlyFans account so they can post their saucier stuff. She says she sometimes gets hurt when they get hate, but she doesn’t regret her decision to love McCain.

McCain said, “Even though there’s an age gap, we don’t think about it because Cheryl is so young at heart.” “I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that I’m using her or waiting to be in her will.”

She added: “It is different; it is amazing. McCain is compassionate to me, and it is because he is younger. I couldn’t have that with anyone else; he is emotional, which has never been an issue for me. He shows me he cares.”

The mum-of-seven posts romantic videos on her TikTok account @oliver6060 where she has over 4 million followers.

While, McCain has more than 3 million followers on TikTok, with nearly 88 million likes on his account @kingqurannewpage. They have an extensive fan base.

On one of their TikTok videos, they say, “How old are we? Thirty-seven years.”. “Is that your grandma? No, she’s my future wife?”

McGregor said: “We have the chemistry that I never expected we would be with; he’s such an amazing person. We have a lot of chemistry because of the things we’ve been through, and that pulls us closer together.”

Recently, the couple appeared on This Morning and shared their plan to have a baby via surrogacy.

“I guess just because of my age, I can’t take care of a baby? What? I’ve got more energy than half of these kids that are taking care of babies now. And I don’t see it as a problem,” Cheryl said.

“No, I cannot have a baby myself, but we have done the surrogate thing, where we’ve already had three surrogates and right now, we’re looking for another one. And also maybe adoption.”

Talking about their haters and criticizers, the duo said they used to care a lot in the beginning, however, now they just stop worrying about people’s comments.

“At the end of the day, this is our love and a lot of people are speculating our love. You can say whatever you want and how you feel and we can’t control that, and that’s understandable.

“But regardless of if we were on TikTok or not, our life still isn’t normal to society,” McCain said. “You can keep spectating through the screen and we’re still going to keep living our lives because we’re happy.”

He added, “We’re very much happy, this is a happy, healthy marriage. We’re looking to start our family and this is all we got, we good.”

“Us against the world,” said Cheryl.

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  1. I personally think it is what it is, I am a 39 year old man and my partner is 56 and we are the happiest we have ever been in our lives, both her and myself came from bad marriages in the past and found happiness with one another, yes I agree we are pretty much on the same page in terms of life’s journey and won’t be having kids as both have kids already from previous, but if it works and there is chemistry and a strong connection then why not follow your heart. The problem here is that they have opened their lives to the internet by advertising it on OnlyFans etc, if you don’t want to hear the negative comments and haters then keep it private and just amongst friends and family, why feel the need to broadcast worldwide, of course you will receive painful criticism as you now have 7.5 billion people sharing their views.

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