Granddaughter Shares Wholesome Story of Her Grandpa Calling Her Crying & Asking Her to Stay Over

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One of the worst feelings in the world is the feeling of loneliness. It can have a lot of adverse effects on your life, your emotions, and your health. Loneliness, which often goes unnoticed until it’s too late, can lead to a lot of serious health conditions. Today’s story is about a loving granddaughter who loves & cares about her grandfather – who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s and felt very lonely.

Megan Elizabeth – A Queen with a Heart of Gold

The queen of our story is Megan Elizabeth. She shares her wholesome stories on TikTok & Instagram. She posted a video on TikTok where she shared the story of her 92-year-old grandpa calling her in tears because he missed his beloved wife. He asked her if she could come over to spend the night.

Being a loving granddaughter, she agreed. It made for an incredibly wholesome night that filled her grandpa’s heart with love and joy.

A text message to bring tears to your eyes.

Megan wrote in the video:

“My 92 year old grandpa called me crying the other day saying he feels lonely and texted me inviting me over for a sleep over”

Megan instantly agreed. I mean, who could say no to such a sweet and wholesome invitation from grandpa?

Grandpa asks for some apple sauce, the “cinnamon kind.” He also asks for mashed potatoes because he can only eat soft things.

Grandpa thanks Megan for being his favorite granddaughter.

He also asked for some strawberry ice cream. Grandpa wants to have a proper sleepover full of snacks!

Megan gets everything her grandpa requested! Mission accomplished.

Grandpa cherished those mashed potatoes! A sleepover with snacks and mystery shows with grandpa – pure and super-wholesome.

He enjoyed every bit of that strawberry ice cream – and we are so happy for him!

Megan wrote in the video:

“Watch how cute my 92 year old grandpa is when I come over for a sleep over and bring him strawberry ice cream and watch movies with him”

It’s sleep time! Grandpa made sure to make her bed just like he used to when Megan was little.

Megan wrote in the video:

“He made sure I had water for bed and showed me he made my bed how he used to make it when I was little with my favorite doll of my grandmas (rest in peace)”

Just like old times – grandpa made sure his little girl slept peacefully.

Grandpa also gave her a flashlight in case she got scared – best grandpa ever?

Megan is overtaken with nostalgia and emotions because of how caring and loving her grandpa is.

She wrote in the video:

“Staying here brings back so many good memories from my childhood. I love my grandpa so much.”

Megan had to wake up and leave for work at 5:30 am – grandpa was awake to see her off!

Grandpa waves his favorite granddaughter goodbye as she goes off to work – he’s literally the sweetest grandpa ever.

Megan wrote in the video:

“I had to work at 5:30AM and he got up to wave goodbye to me and wish me a good day”

It’s not every day we come across such a wholesome and pure story of a family looking after one another. Megan is a true queen for being there for her grandfather while her grandfather is a true gentleman who made sure he cared for Megan as much as he could at his age. We truly love Megan and her grandpa!

You can follow Megan’s adventures on TikTok & Instagram.

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Megan Elizabeth on TikTok

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