Groom Exposed Cheating Wife and Best Man During Brutal Wedding Speech

A groom who learned about his bride-to-be’s secret affair with his best man became revengeful and thought of teaching them a lesson. Initially, he thought of calling off the wedding, but then he realized it was not the best idea and decided to do something that his cheating bride and best man would never forget.

Sharing the story on the episode of the Unfiltered Bride podcast, host George Mitchell who works as a professional wedding planner in the UK, revealed the story to her partner, Beth.

The podcast clip was shared on their official TikTok account that, racked up over 700K views on the platform, and hundreds of people commented on it.

 “I’ve got another story to tell you,” Georgina told Beth. “I can’t tell you who told me because I’m not really allowed to tell the story, but f*** it I’m going to gonna tell the story anyway.”

“So there was a wedding and they did the wedding, bride, and groom, got married, lovely ceremony, drinks reception, sat down for wedding breakfast, had their food, speeches after food.”

After all the speeches, the groom finally got his hands on the microphone and said he wanted to say something for his beloved bride. And, of course, everyone thought he would say something so lovely and romantic that she would cherish his words forever, but little did they know he was going to drop brutal truth bombs in front of everyone that she would indeed remember for the rest of her life.

“Father of the bride does his thing, groom stands up and says, “Just before I like properly get started, there’s some envelopes coming round now. If you could all open them up. Yeah those are pictures of the bride f**king the best man so I’ll be leaving now.’”

Georgina continued, “Dropped the microphone, and him and all his family knew about it and left because they wanted the bride to have had to pay for the food.”

Listening to the story, a very stunned Beth asked, “So the bride paid for everything?”

“The bride’s family paid for everything.” Georgina replied.

“Karma’s a b**ch,” said Beth. “The best man as well,” added Georgina.

Many people in the comment section applauded the groom and said he did the right thing.

“Life is all about timing!! What a legend!!” one wrote.

“I don’t blame him at all!! I’d do the same,” a second said.

“Well, I’m getting a big slice of cake, taking my gift card back, and heading out,” a third joked.

“I won’t blame the groom either, he did the right thing. Why would she cheat on him with his best man and then go ahead with the wedding, that’s disgusting,” a fourth commented.

“Poor guy…top tier play though. Respect,” someone wrote.

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Source: The Unfiltered Bride

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  1. But why get married to her, why wait till after the wedding. He could have left the pictures in the church.

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