What does it mean when a guy chose her over you and still wants to be friends?

When a guy chose her over you and still wants to be friends, it means he doesn’t want to end the bond he shared with you. It means he values you and that you have an essential place in his life. If he still wants to be friends, it says he likes spending time with you, and he likes your energy. It says he likes you, but not romantically. Some people are better as friends, others are better as couples, and the grass is always greener on the other side. So don’t take it to heart; he is an honest man who told you about his feelings upfront. And he still wants you in his life. You matter to him. You will always matter to him.

How can you tell if a guy likes you or wants to be friends?

Again, body language can say a LOT about someone’s emotions and feelings. If a guy likes you, he will be less confident in front of you, he’ll be trying his level best not to make a mistake, he’ll try staying on his A-game, he will not miss a single opportunity to impress you. And when a man wants to be friends, he won’t fidget around you, he won’t be shy, and he won’t get awkward if you looked him in the eyes.

If a guy likes you, it’s tough for him to not look at you. So you’re going to catch him staring at you a lot. Also, he’s going to be there for you all the time. He will show you affection and kindness. He will show you respect and love. He will give you small gifts and precious tokens of affection. Above all else, his smile will tell you everything you need to know about his feelings towards you.

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