Gentlemen, It’s Easy: 6 Ways To Get The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams

A young man went to visit his mother; he wanted some decent advice about women. He asked her what s perfect woman would be like. She told her son to concentrate on being a perfect man, finding a perfect woman wouldn’t be hard. Her answer was simple, but it had a very deep meaning. It’s not difficult to find the girl of your dreams if you set yourself straight. I know, not everyone would be lucky the way I was, but I have seen most men happily settle down, when they correct the error in their ways.

I am not very proud of it but I have been with many women, none of the relationships seemed to work out for me. I seriously thought that, all the decent girls were gone. I knew I was wrong when I realized that I was dating for all the wrong reasons. I was dating to have a good time with good people. The real purpose to date someone should be to find your soulmate! I always wanted ˜love, to be love’. Love and physical attraction are two different things and should be dealt with that way.

The girl of my dreams wasn’t a sexy hot blond but she was a kind human, she always had this warm smile on her lips, she was compassionate and her qualities made her the hottest girl on earth, well, at least for me. To be honest I was kind of a jerk, I realised the error in my ways when the girl of my dreams turned me down. The refusal came as a huge blow to my confidence and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I liked her so much, I was good looking and funny, what I failed to realise was the fact that you can only charm a girl with looks and jokes for a few days. In the long run, you need stability of mind and soul and that’s exactly what most women are looking for. I am making a list of things that I changed about myself to win my lady’s heart.

  1. Be respectful and kind towards people

It’s not about respecting this one person you like, it’s about respecting everyone. I knew respect is the most important thing in a relationship, so I started to respect other human beings around me. I tried to help people out if I could. It made me feel more of a man, when people around me would appreciate me for my kind habits.

  1. Be Open to people

Yes, be open, be open to discussions and people, don’t be an introvert. Don’t be passive nor be over bearing, listen when you need to listen. Try to let people in your life and accept decisions that other people take, don’t push or trick people into feeling something that they don’t. Be happy for people and compliment them whenever you feel like, it builds a sense of trust and security.

  1. Be prepared to hang around as a friend

Even if she turned you down, don’t block her out of your life. Stick around as a good friend and keep trying. (No she will not friend zone you, she knows your intentions)

  1. Don’t Brag about your previous encounters with women

It’s okay if it didn’t work out with this girl you really liked. People make mistakes and they change with time. Don’t hold someone’s past against them. Respect the privacy of your past relationships for the love you both once shared.

  1. Meet commitments

Be on time, if you say that you will be there at nine, be there by nine. A man should stick to his word, don’t make a commitment if you think you won’t be able to fulfil it.

  1. Remember special days

Even if you guys aren’t seeing each other, it shouldn’t stop you from sending her a birthday wish. She will find it an extremely sweet gesture.

  1. It’s okay if she wants a financially stable man

I have seen many women financially supporting their husbands and families. It’s okay if a woman wants her man to be independent; it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is a gold digger. I started to work hard; I became financially stable and had better understanding of life.

Yes, being confident and trying those, ˜how to woo a girl’ tricks would work initially; but what about the long run? Chivalry shouldn’t be done in order to ˜get her to go out with you’. Sooner or later, she would know you played her when you reveal ˜the hidden douche in you’. Relationships are important to people and they should be dealt with the respect they deserve. This time, when I asked her out, she said yes!

Keep in mind people, I was inspired to be the right man, by the girl of my dreams. I didn’t to any of this because I was inclined to do so by some code of conduct. I was and will always be human. How can you expect to be with a good girl when you are not even a good human?

Guys, talk to me

Have you found the girl of your dreams yet? What changes did you have to go through or what lessons did you learn before you could get that girl? Let me know in the comments below!

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