The 10 types of guys who will only Waste your time

Stay away from these guys.

The fact is that most of the time we are forced to take chances. We avoid noticing the caution boards, deliberately overlooking the big red danger sign. Sometimes, it’s because we think we don’t deserve better and on other occasions, it’s because we allude ourselves into thinking that things will get better. But no matter what you think about yourself, no matter how desperate you are or for how long you’ve been lonely and single, please do yourself this one big favor and avoid the following 10 types of guys no matter what, you owe this much to yourself.

1. The control freak:

The guy with the ˜set in my ways’ aura undoubtedly steals away your individuality. He will want everything his way and dating him will not only be a one-man show but also very boring as he will either refuse to try anything new or do only the things that interest him. So don’t keep yourself under any illusion that this type of guy will eventually start considering your interests because he will not.

2. The you’ll-make-a-great-maid type:

These men will not only expect you to take care of them but also take out their trash and wash their dirty plates. These are the sort of guys who require you picking after them and don’t really grow out of the kid their mother spoiled. So if you don’t want to behave like a mommy to him for the rest of your life, wish him away as you wish away cancer.

3. The budget maniac:

These are the type of guys who’ll comment on why a restaurant would serve a plate of rice for $5 or why you would want to buy the original when the replica is equally satisfactory. These guys will start commenting on prices and discounts from early on in the relationship. These very-touchy-about-their-wallet guys usually remain very stingy and prickly throughout the relationship.

4. The it’s-always-game-night type

Liking sports is okay, a lot of guys do, but letting the fandom for sports dominate your responsibilities and the obligations that come with relationships shows how messed up his priorities are. These sorts of guys with childish sports obsessions are a definite no for a nice healthy dating life.

5. The confused guy:

The I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-looking-for guy is a puzzled, unsure and confused person. One day, he is dead sure that you are the one, and the very next day, he is not. Such sort of a guy can ditch you in the time it takes to flip a coin. And you don’t really want to be the ‘maybe’ option in someone’s life, do you?

6. The forgetful guy

Initially, the sorry-babe-I-forgot-but-I-promise-to-make-it-up-to-you-next-time attitude of this guy might seem sweet and innocent, but too many a times it’s actually a full-fledged alarm to warn you that maybe he’s not that into you. Such sort of guys don’t take up their responsibilities seriously and cannot execute the commitment part of the relationship properly.

7. The all-the-time-physical guy:

This sort of guy is the most charming liars. They make you think that they are really into you, all the while making you surrender more and more of yourself. Such guys are only behind one thing. Recognize them quickly and run away as fast as possible. Don’t let the physical alluring get to you because relationships are so much more than that.

8. The 24/7 working guy:

This type of workaholic hunks are always sharply suited, booted and will never sit still on their butts and have family time. They will look more at their laptops than your face and will always be busy making important official calls which will, of course, be more important than you.

9. The Mr. I’m-too-good-looking:

This type of fair and lovely guys, apparently born to be America’s next top model or at least that is what they think, are the bad luck people warn you of. They will be narcissistic and vain and will always consider themselves better than you and will act like you should be grateful to them for dating you. A guy so dead sure about his looks definitely knows when girls check him out and by that, I mean girls other than his date.

10. The overly sensitive guy:

It’s okay to be sensitive and touchy about certain matters but being overly anxious and taking everything out of context can be quite difficult to handle at times. Over-sensitivity, at times, can get on one’s nerve-endings and you surely don’t want to be the owner of those nerves.

Life is short and the opportunities in life are even shorter so do not waste your time on Mr. Wrong or the Mr. Learning phase because, ultimately, you will regret after wasting potential time to not have been able to recognize the signs of a bad date, earlier.

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