Fans appeared to be triggered after Harry Styles replaced Michael Jackson as the “New King of Pop.”

The music community has had a varied reaction to the labeling of Harry Styles as the ‘King of Pop’ given that this title had formerly been attributed to Michael Jackson.

One of the most renowned musicians of the 20th century, who sang “Billie Jean” and passed away at the age of 50 in 2009, is still highly regarded by many people.

Throughout his career, Jackson was honored with numerous awards, including 13 Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, and 24 American Music Awards.

In addition, he holds 20 Guinness World Records.

Harry Styles, currently 29 years old, rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction after appearing on The X-Factor. Since then, he has embarked on a solo career and has released three studio albums.

Despite having a large fan base and winning three Grammy Awards in his career, many people are unhappy with Styles being referred to as the “new King of Pop.” This controversy arose when Rolling Stone published an article praising the accomplishments of the “As It Was” singer.

Harry Styles: How the new King of Pop set the music world aflame, it was titled.

While some younger individuals may argue that Styles deserves the title, there are many who disagree. In fact, even Jackson’s own family has publicly denounced the label and expressed their disapproval.

His tweet has garnered a whopping 11.5k retweets, and thousands of individuals have expressed their agreement with him in the comments section.

One person tweets:

I’m a huge Harry Styles fan but no. He is not the new King of Pop. There is no new King of Pop.

100% agree,

another adds.

When Michael Jackson departed this world, the title of King of Pop left with him.

It’s an insult to give that label to anyone considering the struggles the Jackson family went through back in the day to get to where they are. It’s retired.

While a third person comments:

Well said Taj!! The King of Pop title is owned by your uncle and him only.

But some people are taking to the comments to say that Styles should get the title.

I mean… let’s use context clues… The NEW King of Pop… which means there was/is a FIRST King of Pop… which is your uncle. We all know this. Let people also shine,

one person argues.

Another user comments:

He is the new King of Pop, deal with it.

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