If He Doesn’t Believe In Even Just 1 Of These 11 Things, He’s Not Boyfriend-Material

Compromise is important in a relationship. But there are just some things that you shouldn’t have to compromise at all.

You always want to make sure that when you fall in love, you are doing so with a stand-up guy. Otherwise, you are just setting yourself up for a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. You don’t want to be getting serious with a guy who isn’t serious about you.

You don’t want to be trying to forge a mature relationship environment with a guy who is virtually incapable of not being immature. You want a quality partner who gives you the best possible shot at making your relationship work.

And with that, there are certain belief systems that you need to be keeping in mind when choosing a prospective mate. There are just certain beliefs and philosophies about relationships that are plain nonnegotiable. And if you find that your man doesn’t really believe in these things, then he’s not really boyfriend-material and you need to leave him right away.

1. You shouldn’t be an option to him. You should be the priority.

If you are with a man who merely treats you like an option; and thinks that that kind of behavior is acceptable, then you are in for a bad time. You should never allow yourself to be with someone who thinks that it’s okay to be treating you like a mere option in a list of multiple choices. You should be the only choice.

2. Never test the patience and loyalty of the person you truly love.

He shouldn’t be playing games with you. He shouldn’t be deliberately testing your patience and loyalty. He shouldn’t be testing the love you have for him. If he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t reply to you right away on purpose just to see how you would react, then he’s not mature enough to be with you.

3. Cheating is never okay in a loving relationship.

If he thinks that cheating in a relationship is a forgivable offense, just dump him right then and there. That means that there would be nothing stopping him from cheating on you in the long run.

4. Never go after someone who is already in a relationship.

If he’s the type of guy who goes after girls who are still in relationships, then it just goes to show that he doesn’t really respect the idea of relationships as a whole. It shows that he thinks these arbitrary social institutions are easily corruptible.

5. Don’t start new relationships without first getting over old ones.

If you’re getting into a relationship with a guy who hasn’t gotten over his previous relationships (or hasn’t broken up with their current girlfriend yet), then you know that he’s not a quality guy. There should always be a sense of closure in between relationships.

6. Always be honest even when it’s uncomfortable or if it gets you in trouble.

You should never want to be in a relationship with a guy who thinks that it’s okay to lie to you whenever it’s convenient for him to do so. That means that he is unwilling to own up to his faults and claim responsibility for his actions.

7. Promises are never made to be broken.

Don’t get with a guy who thinks that promises are made to be broken. When you make a promise, you need to see o it that you are going to fulfill that promise. If h is the kind of guy who is willing to just go back on his word with you, then he’s not really a guy you can rely on to deliver for your relationship.

8. Love shouldn’t be treated like a game.

He shouldn’t be treating your relationship like some kind of competition or game. He shouldn’t be keeping score. He shouldn’t be trying to be competitive with you at all. He should be working together with you to make your love and relationship grow. If he doesn’t understand that, then he’s far too immature to be in a relationship.

9. Never flirt with another person while you’re in a relationship.

If he thinks that it’s okay to flirt with other girls even when he’s supposedly in a relationship with you, then he’s not really taking you or the relationship as seriously as he should be. When he commits to you, he only should have eyes for you. He shouldn’t be wandering around flirting with other women anymore.

10. Trust and respect should never be taken for granted.

Never fall in love with a man who takes you for granted. You always need to be with someone who values you and appreciates you in the way that you deserve.

11. Love is never going to be easy; and that’s why it requires a lot of effort and commitment.

A man should always be willing to acknowledge the amount of commitment and effort that it’s going to take to make a relationship work. Yes, love is beautiful; but it’s never going to be without its flaws. And you need a guy who is mature enough to understand the grind of it all – the grind involved in sustaining a relationship with someone else.

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