Here’s How You Can Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

The thing about cheating is that it’s always going to bring a lot of pain and devastation to a relationship. There’s just no denying how much it would hurt for you to know that your partner would willingly be unfaithful to you. A lot of the time, cheating is seen as one of the biggest killers of relationships, especially in this modern age. And part of the reason why it’s like that is because the pain that you feel from being betrayed is almost impossible to recover from. It’s that immense.

But a lot of what makes that pain so unbearable is that it often takes the victims by surprise. When you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then you are able to brace yourself for the truth as it unfolds before your eyes. You get to prepare for that pain. But when you are shocked with the news of infidelity, it can be a little overwhelming to deal with all of the flurries of emotions that are going through your body.

You also want to make sure that you are never being made a fool out of. You want to make sure that any guy you are in a relationship with is someone you can always trust and rely on. You don’t want to be with anyone who would willingly hurt you and betray you in such a manner. That’s why you must always make it a point to know if your man is up to shady behavior behind your back or not.

If you need guidance on that front, then just read the signs that are listed here in this article. These are a few red flags that you might want to stay on the lookout for:

1. He starts paying more attention to his body.

He starts eating healthier. He’s exercising more. He is paying close attention to the clothes that he puts on. He’s obviously trying to impress someone – and that person is definitely not you.

2. There is a drastic change in your intimacy.

You notice that there is a drastic change in your intimacy. It’s either it goes up really significantly or it just vanishes altogether. He might be cheating on you if he’s getting physical with you a lot more often and trying different moves on you that you’ve never seen before. But he also might be cheating on you if he just stops being physical with you because he’s getting that from someone else.

3. He acts all moody when he’s around you.

He gets really moody and irritable with you. It’s obvious that there is an emotional distance between the two of you. And he’s probably finding some sense of emotional fulfillment from another person instead.

4. He treats you a lot nicer than before.

And sometimes, a lot of men are going to overcompensate by being really nice to you in your relationship. He is going to do this because he feels immensely guilty about engaging in shady and unfaithful behavior behind your back. So, he acts extra nice to you as a kind of penance for his infidelity.

5. He doesn’t open up to you about the details of his day.

He doesn’t really try to open up to you about the details of his day-to-day life anymore. He doesn’t want to be giving too much information about his whereabouts or his companions because he doesn’t want to be giving you too many clues.

6. He hides his phone from you a lot.

He knows that all of the incriminating evidence of his infidelity can be found on his phone. He gets a mini-heart attack every time he gets a notification because he’s scared it’s from his side chick. He wouldn’t want you to be snooping for messages or pictures he doesn’t want you to find.

7. He spends more time away from the house.

He keeps on telling you that he has to get out of the house for random things. He tells you that he has to run an errand. He tells you that he has to stay at work too late. He says he’s going out with the boys. He gives all sorts of random excuses to get out.

8. He smells of a different shampoo or perfume.

You can tell that there is just a different scent on him. It’s either he’s been getting really close to someone else with a different perfume or maybe he’s been showering at someone else’s place already.

9. He acts more secretive of his spending.

Of course, he would never want you to know about how much he has spent on gifts for his side chick. He wouldn’t want you to find out about the hotels that he has booked for their nights out or the dinners that he has paid for.