Here’s How You’ll Miss Out On True Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some astronomical entertainment! Why are we even intrigued by what our zodiac sign has to say about us? I mean, most of us don’t even believe that stars are able to tell us deep dark secrets about ourselves. We just look up at the sky and admire the pretty shiny things. Those pretty shiny things have astounded us quite a few times. Even if you don’t agree that it’s true, you must admit that some parts of it always are. You must’ve clicked on this article because you remember that time you read something about your sign and said "same".

Most of the articles you read regarding zodiac signs all tell you a positive trait that your star possesses. Oh look you’re affectionate and warm, aw! No one’s going to tell you that you’re a pathological liar (you won’t believe it anyway, see what I did there?). Where there’s a good side, there’s a bad side and this bad side is what we overlook since…well, it’s bad.

However, if you’re someone who’s looking to be impressed at how accurate zodiac sign generalizations are, then you best read on. If you don’t think your star sign is spot on, then read on what the other stars say. You might think it’s spot on for one of your friends or ex-lovers.


It isn’t so much so that an Aries is afraid of commitment; it’s more like they don’t feel committed to one person. An Aries is considered to be the most adventurous of all the zodiac signs, both in their social and love lives. An Aries will probably drive their partner away by getting into a meaningless fling. Ironically, they’ll know that it’s meaningless! They won’t necessarily have the affair because they see the other person as their ideal. They’ll just notice the fact that it’s a different person. I’m not trying to undermine anyone with this Zodiac sign, but it’s what’s most likely to happen. I hope it doesn’t.


The Taurus Zodiac is represented by the symbol of a bull, and rightfully so. They can be the nicest people when you catch them in a good mood, but they can turn completely irrational at the slightest of things. They get so overcome with emotion that they forget to tell this from that. Once they cool down, they’ll realise and they’ll regret. However, it only takes a minute to destroy a relationship. When a Taurus sees their lover talking to someone they perceive as a threat, they’ll completely lose it. They won’t stop to think that it might be work-related or something like that. They’ll immediately think of the worst case scenario. No matter how much someone tries to reason with them, they won’t listen. One episode is as much as their partner can handle. Truth be told, it’s not like they mean to be irrational, it just happens. They get jealous really easily and can’t control their jealous rage afterwards. – Continue reading on next page


Geminis are the most charming and charismatic people you’ll ever meet. They can ease their way into and out of your life just like that. They know the right things to say and you’ll find yourself falling in love with them even when you hardly know them. That’s the thing about Geminis- they can steal your heart almost as easily as they can break it. A Gemini very rarely agrees to settle down. Instead of looking at one person as their potential forever, they’ll look at everyone as theirs for some time. They’ll be the light of every party they ever go to, and you’ll often find yourself sitting in a corner waiting for them to finish up on a conversation only to start another one the second it’s over. A Gemini isn’t exactly afraid of commitment. They just can’t see themselves as the type of a person who will ever commit.


People with this Zodiac sign are the most affectionate and caring ones on the face of this planet. They can make you feel loved even when you think you don’t deserve it. They’ll listen to you and take care of you every single second. Yup, every single second! A Cancer genuinely means no harm. All they’re trying to do is shower you with affection from all corners..which tends to get a little suffocating. If you have this sign, then please hold back a little. Give more when you feel like your partner needs more love. Don’t chase him or her every single second of their day. Your partner knows that you mean no harm, but you can’t blame them for wanting a little space. It is possible that they sometimes subtly hint at this or tell you directly. While you might listen for the time being, ultimately, you’ll go back to suffocating them, eventually driving them away.– Continue reading on next page


A Leo spends his or her entire life searching for the absolute best and while there’s nothing wrong in wanting the best, sometimes they’ll drive the right one away. Represented by the lion i.e. the king of the jungle, it’s pretty obvious that nothing is ever perfect for them. They raise their standards way too high and as a result, they drive their partners away. They won’t resort to cheating on their partners. However, their constant criticism and taunts just might. They have this image in their heads of what their ideal person is supposed to look like, walk like, talk like and be like. They won’t want anyone less than that. They will eventually fall in love with someone but after a while they’ll try making them adjust to how they want to see them. A Leo’s partner is bound to get irritated and hurt by all of this and leave them.


Every Virgo is born with some level of OCD in their system. They want everything in their lives to be perfect, right down to the smallest detail! They’ll try to control their partners and make sure that everything goes according to their plans. Hence, they won’t consider what their partner has to say. When you enter a relationship, you start to share a life. What was yours is now theirs as well. A Virgo won’t see it that way. Although they want what’s best for everyone, they think that their views are what can do everyone good. Your partner might agree with you for some or most of the decisions you make, but ultimately they’ll realise that even if you have a bad idea you still aren’t willing to listen to what they have to say. You’ll order dinner for them, you’ll plan trips for them, and you’ll tell them what to wear. While your partner would find it sweet sometimes, they won’t feel like the fact that you’re doing them a favour. They’ll realise that you just want to do everything your way and walk out.– Continue reading on next page


Cheating isn’t merely defined in physical terms; it can be emotional as well. To be honest, emotional cheating can hurt just as much as physical cheating or more. When you cheat on someone by being physical with someone else, you let your partner have some reasonable doubt. Emotional cheating won’t leave your partner thinking about anything else except when to leave you. A Libra tends to see nothing but the best in people and in this case that’s a bad thing. They can easily be manipulated and they’ll soon find themselves reconsidering everything they built with their partner. They’ll fall for someone else so hard that their partner will easily be able to tell that there’s no way they can ever go back to being the same. The trust is gone.


Scorpios can give you the time of your life. They’ll make you feel like you’re young again doing all the things you love. Every day with them is like an endless rollercoaster ride. However, there’s no such thing as an endless rollercoaster ride and eventually you’ll have to get off and let someone else ride (pun intended). A Scorpio thinks with emotion and the emotion in question is lust. They’ll lust after whoever they see and think of them for nights straight unless they get them. Which might not have been such a bad thing IF THEY WEREN’T ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP? They weren’t even trying to form a bond with whoever they cheated on their partner with, it’s just that they started to crave them and couldn’t resist. Not an excuse, my friend.– Continue reading on next page


Think of people with this zodiac sign as your best friend with a twisted and pervy sense of humor. They’ll act like they’re 15 every single day. While that may be fun for a while or for some days, no one can deal with a childish partner. There are things you’d have to be mature about and think seriously regarding them. However, a Sagittarius will try to find the fun in everything which might make you feel as if they’re being insensitive. They’ll try to lighten the mood whenever they can. That might not have been such a bad thing had they been trying for their partner. No, a Sagittarius will try to lighten the mood for themselves so that they won’t have to deal with the emotional side of things. Sometimes you need to listen and focus on what someone else has to say.


When you fall in love with someone you have to leave your ego at the door. You’re expected to make decisions which better the two of you and not think of yourself all the time. Yeah, try telling that to a Capricorn. It’s not like they’re self-centered all the time, but their ego will sprout up at random instances and ruin everything. They get mad easily and think that they aren’t being appreciated. They drive their partners away just because of their ego and the fact that they can’t put it behind them for someone they claim to truly love.– Continue reading on next page


There are some people you can never forget about, even a toxic ex. Focus on the word ‘toxic’. An Aquarius will be fully aware of the fact that they left oe were left by their ex for a reason and that they shouldn’t go back to them no matter what. However, there’ll always be a yearning for the very person who scarred them in some way. They’ll leave whoever’s good for them because they think that they need to be with their ex. Why? They think that they can help them out. Give them love and support. They know exactly how sick and twisted their ex was but keep remembering the good in them. Noble and stupid!


A Pisces tends to think with his or her heart rather than their brain. They can easily exaggerate the good things there are in a person and convince themselves to fall in love with them. They’ll eliminate any shadow of doubt and overlook indications of what a jerk their partner is all for love. They have a tendency to fall in love with the wrong people and never know why. They chase away the best people there could be for them by refusing to think of anyone other than the person they’re in love with. Even if the guy or girl isn’t even in love with them and is clearly an awful person, they’ll still love them.

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