Here’s The Difference Between Making Love And Having Sex

It’s no secret that there is a substantial difference between just having sex and actually making love. However, if you aren’t well-versed in either one of these two things, then you might not really be so sure about what the differences are going to be. You might not also be sure about whether what you’re experiencing at that moment is making love or having sex. Sometimes, the lines can be so blurred to the point that you fail to notice the distinction.

One of the most amazing things about being in a seriously loving and committed relationship is the actual art of making love to your partner. It’s going to feel so immensely great that you will want to do it as much and as often as possible. Yes, it’s still a lot of fun to just get physical with someone in the confines of a bedroom. But there’s just a whole new level of enjoyment and pleasure that comes with actually making love to someone. The emotional connection and romance just take it to greater heights.

Making love just really happens to be one of the best feelings in the world. It will enable you to feel more and more connected to the partner you are already so in love with. There really is nothing else in the world quite like it.

Yes, having sex purely just for the sake of having sex is really great especially when you’re doing it with someone who you have effortless chemistry with. It truly is a different experience altogether when you are just having a blast while you sexually explore different people in your life. However, once you find the one, you won’t really feel compelled to find anyone else anymore.

1. The motivation to have sex is different.

When you are just having sex for the sake of having sex, then you are essentially motivated by the physical pleasures that you are bound to receive. And there’s no denying that sex is truly a physically pleasurable experience.

However, if you are making love, you are motivated by a different kind of pleasure entirely. You are mostly motivated by the emotional connection that you will get to share with another human being. You will be motivated by the manifestation of your feelings for the one you love most in this world.

2. Communication during sex is different.

It’s not just the motivation that is different when you’re having sex versus making love. The communication is going to be different as well. When you’re just having sex, the communication as you build up to the moment is going to be very convoluted. There will be a lot of innuendoes involved. And when you’re actually having sex, the communication will be solely focused on how you can better please one another.

When you’re making love, communication is a lot more wholesome. It’s actually very sweet and romantic. There is so much more talk centering around feelings and emotions. It’s a lot more passionate than it is practical.

3. The vulnerability involved during sex is different.

There is always going to be a sense of vulnerability within sex regardless if it is done out of love or not. But they’re going to differ vastly in form. When you’re just having sex, you’re going to be vulnerable about your physical attributes. You will be insecure about how you look and how you might perform.

But when you’re making love, the vulnerability is more emotional. You are essentially putting your relationship on the line by testing your sexual chemistry. It’s a very liberating feeling but the vulnerability involved in it can also be quite scary for a lot of couples.

4. The entire personality of the act of having sex is different.

When you’re just merely having sex with someone, it can take on a substantially different personality as opposed to actually making love to another person. When you’re just having sex, it can be so easy for you to alter your personality in ways that you know would be more pleasurable to both you and your partner.

But when you’re actually making love, you’re going to be your true and authentic self. You would never feel the need to act in any way other than who you are. You would always be sincere and genuine and you won’t really have any problems with it at all.

5. The amount of presence is different.

When you’re just having sex, then the presence is also going to be different from when you’re actually making love. It’s very easy to get distracted and having one’s attention be diverted once you’re having sex. So many things are running through your mind and it can be hard to keep tabs on all of them.

But when you’re making love, it’s not all that difficult. You can just focus on manifesting that love and you always stay present in that moment.

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