Here’s Why People Who Overthink Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

There’s a lot of overthinking going on. These thoughts weighed heavily on our minds. We twist and turn as night encloses in on us. There’s nothing we can do but think. Think some more.

We might sound crazy to some people. You might tell us to relax or chill out. Overthinking doesn’t have to ruin our lives. When it comes to love, it doesn’t have to be a bad idea.

I’m an overthinker, so I’m tough as hell. We care. Truly care. We think a lot because of that. We can’t sleep at night because of that. So that’s why we’re worried. Because of that, we can’t control what we think. We’re here because we care.

We’ll do our best. With no shame, we’ll give you our blood, tears, and sweat. That’s who we are. We don’t feel bad about it.

How our partner will talk to us and communicate with us is important to us. We think long and hard about how our partner will respond to our jokes and smile at us from across the room. With anyone, we don’t just jump in. We don’t just fall in love blindly.

When we love someone, we think a lot because we care so much for them. It’s hard to let our thoughts go because we don’t want to lose them. We study them and watch them until we’re exhausted.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We think long and hard about how to make our partner’s day after a long trip. What they like for food, what they like for sex, what they like for anything. We pay attention to that. 

We notice how our partner says our name. It’s the little things they do to make us happy. Since we’re curious about our partners, we notice everything about them. We don’t want to hold back or let them feel like they have to.

We might be overanalyzing things. Maybe we drive people crazy with our questions and worries. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone cared more?

We’d do anything for you. To see you smile, we’d do anything. Until our hearts stop beating, we’ll love you. You’ll be adored and cherished. And we’re not sorry about it.

Sure, overthinking is a pain. It’s stressful. But we’re blunt and bold. We won’t hold anything back. We don’t take crap from anyone. We won’t give up.

Once we find the love we want, we won’t let it go. Although overthinkers can seem clingy or jealous, I think we’re much more than that. We love hard, and we are loyal, no apologies. Our overthinking is only because we care about you. We only do it because we want to make you and our lives even better and more beautiful. It’s only because I care.

Who wouldn’t want to love someone who cares? 








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