10 Signs That He Isn’t Going To Be Good In Bed

Navigating the realm of intimacy can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. While compatibility in the bedroom is multifaceted, subtle indicators might give you a glimpse into your partner’s approach. Here are ten signs he might not be as adept in intimate moments.

1. Lack of Confidence

Confidence often translates into bedroom prowess. If your partner exhibits low self-esteem, it might impact his performance. Confidence is not just about appearance; it’s an internal quality that reflects in various aspects of life, including moments of closeness.

2. Self-Centered Conversations

A man who predominantly talks about himself without showing interest in your desires might bring a similar attitude to moments of closeness. Good intimacy involves mutual understanding and a focus on each other’s needs.

3. Poor Communication Skills

Communication is key in all aspects of a relationship, including moments of closeness. A partner who struggles to express desires and boundaries or actively listen may face challenges in understanding your needs.

4. Limited Creativity

Closeness often thrives on variety and creativity. If your partner seems rigid or unadventurous in other aspects of life, this trait might extend to moments of closeness. Open-mindedness and a willingness to explore contribute to a fulfilling connection.

5. Impatience Outside the Bedroom

Impatience in daily life can seep into intimate moments. If your partner struggles with patience, it may manifest in an inability to navigate the subtleties of closeness with finesse and consideration.

6. Overemphasis on Physical Appearance

While physical attraction is important, an obsession with appearance might suggest a focus on superficial aspects over emotional connection and understanding. Emotional intimacy significantly contributes to a satisfying connection.

7. Reluctance to Learn

Someone who believes they know everything about intimacy may resist learning or adapting to their partner’s needs. A good partner is open to evolving and discovering new ways to bring pleasure to their partner.

8. Lack of Emotional Connection

True closeness involves an emotional connection. If your partner struggles to connect emotionally in other areas of the relationship, this disconnection may translate into moments of closeness, making the experience less fulfilling.

9. Low Level of Empathy

Empathy is crucial for understanding and responding to a partner’s needs. If your partner consistently displays a lack of empathy, it may impact his ability to be attuned to your desires and emotions during moments of closeness.

10. Inability to Handle Feedback

Constructive feedback is essential for growth, even in intimate relationships. If your partner becomes defensive or resistant to feedback in other aspects of life, it might hinder the collaborative effort required for satisfying moments of closeness.


While these signs may offer insights, it’s important to remember that individuals are complex, and intimate compatibility is just one facet of a relationship. Healthy communication and a willingness to understand each other can go a long way in cultivating a satisfying connection.

Mastering the Art of Intimacy: Friendly Tips for Men

1. Let’s Talk – Open Up Communication

Hey there! Building a strong connection starts with open communication. Chat about your desires, set boundaries, and share fantasies with your partner. This sets the stage for understanding and mutual exploration.

2. Boost Your Confidence – You’ve Got This!

Boosting self-esteem is key. Take care of yourself, repeat positive affirmations, and recognize your strengths. Confidence is magnetic and plays a significant role in creating enjoyable intimate moments.

3. Spice Things Up – Get Creative!

Ready for some fun? Intimacy loves creativity and variety. Try out different techniques, explore fantasies, and be open to new experiences. Being adventurous adds excitement to your intimate journey.

4. Connect Emotionally – It’s More Than Just Physical

Building emotional bonds is essential. Spend time connecting emotionally with your partner. Understand their needs, show empathy, and create a deeper connection beyond the physical realm.

5. Stay Open-Minded – Embrace Learning

Always be ready to learn and adapt. Listen to your partner’s feedback, try new approaches, and view each encounter as a chance for shared growth and pleasure. Stay open-minded, and let the journey be as enjoyable as the destination!

  1. I find it intriguing that the man is chastised for considering the woman’s looks and yet it is perfectly reasonable for the woman to set the standard that the man must be active, implicitly implying that he be of a certain physical standard. To also add in point number 10. What is the man doesn’t feel the need to be active to meet this standard set for him because he is confident in who he is. It’s entirely reasonable to assume that a man who isn’t confident in himself would work to be very active to make physical changes. A few too many contradictions in here that don’t make sense and seem to put a lot of onus on the man to put in the work and not the other way around

    1. Good on you for saying this. Women aren’t always perfect. Seems to always pick up on bad traits of men but women have them too 🙂

  2. Just assume he has all these faults and leave him alone, someone else will make good of him and build him up since you don’t want to!

    1. You’re right ! Why only men can accept to make up women and not the opposit?? If it’s time for women to take control and handle men shortcoming, things are going to reach newspapers or blogs, even Good. Why people are so selfish???

  3. 3. “He is a selfish individual ” . Women should also use this into their benefits don’t you think? I mean like she must get ontop and be a selfish individual too

  4. Well, I’m a man and I can probably say, that whenever you were describing red flags, I have most of those red flags, but my biggest one is being selfish….now listen, would you really like doing something to benefit someone else? Then you’re losing, maybe it’s just me, and maybe I just think smarter and not harder….but I only do stuff to benefit myself, plus….I take showers, although not often though, because why would I care what someone else thinks of me, I’ve been complimented by women before, about my hair and my clothes, but guess what….that doesn’t really benefit me, you might think it does however….then tell me how you think it benefits me or someone like me? Because I don’t think it does, I think that it’s a waste of time, but I still like to look nice, I still like to dress like I’m the best….but that’s just because….well, you know? I am the best….or atleast I think, and that enough for me 😊

    1. Kian. If you’re happy. Truly happy. Then why change? However, you read and commented on something which relates to self a valuation on some level. On the simplest level, most of the world’s biggest problems stem directly from failing to consider the impact of pursuing personal goals at all costs. Basically if one person has all the food then the result is one person surrounded by starving people. Which is likely to descend into a hell hole. So, thinking about others is unavoidably in one’s interests. Inequality often leads to unpleasantness. Most people would struggle to find happiness if they’re surrounded by needless deprivation. So we need to be intelligently selfish and try to make the world a better place. Try to achieve a sense of purpose, pursuing goals that enhance your life and the lives of others.

    2. You sound incredibly arrogant, selfish and self centred. When you truly love someone the willingness to do things to please your partner comes naturally. However it sounds like you only care about Im your own wants and needs. So until you learn to grow up, you’ll have a cycle of relationships that constantly fall apart. You’ll never be happy until you mature up and learn how to truly love someone because at this point in time you only love yourself, albeit considerably TOO much.

  5. I agree with all 10 and am a great lover myself. a man should pay attention to a women’s desires from beginning to end and fulfill all her desires and more and he will be rewarded far beyond his expectations.

  6. Not to mention it automatically rules out people with physical disabilities like cerebral palsy who may feel like giving up dating out of fear of being judged entirely on how they are in bed.

  7. Sign #11: You, madam, are not really attractive, physically, spiritually, intellectually or otherwise. Man’s performance is to a very large degree conditioned by his partner’s qualities.

  8. If a woman herself qualifies for all these traits, she won’t have any complaints regarding her man’s performance in bedroom.

  9. Gee
    I didn’t realise this until I read this article but I must be doing okay
    Some of the ladies I have been with said that I am fairly good in bed, but I thought that they were saying that just to keep me happy

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