How anxiety potentially destroys your relationships

As much as anxiety harms an individual, it can affect a relationship too. We wonder at one point in a relationship about where it is going and if it has a future or not. That wondering sometimes worries us and if we take that worry and turn it into anxiety, unconsciously, it can affect our relationship. Anxiety makes us fret over small things, things that are not of significance otherwise.

Our constant worrying changes our behavior on the whole, only to drive the people we are trying to keep close away from us. So it is important we understand how it works and how it can be avoided or overcome for good.

How It Poisons a Relationship

Anxiety might only be a state of mind but it greatly affects a person’s life. It affects our actions, the way we think and the way we act. It can make us feel trapped in our own minds. We might tell ourselves that it is just stress acting upon us but it can anxiety taking over.

Anxiety overwhelms a person about almost everything. One little matter looks like an unsolvable conundrum that will destroy the world if it is not dealt with. That is exactly how it destroys a relationship.

Small problems in a relationship need time for solving and if patience is not a virtue between the two people involved, the problems can grow severely. The one with anxiety would be responsible for it because his or her constant pushing fed the problem.

What Makes You Anxious?

It is possible for you to have genes and DNA patterns that make you prone to having social anxiety if triggered by the environment. It is possible even when you have no such genes in your system. Anxiety can be caught by any behavioral patterns that are either inherited or grown over time since birth. – Continue reading on next page

If it runs in the family and if the family does not take care of it, it can be very problematic in the future. If a child is not handled the way he should have been handled, he might suffer from anxiety disorder that would ruin his adult relationships.

So what makes you anxious is either your genes or generally your habit of fidgeting over small things. The only solution is to see things from a different point of view every time you feel like anxiety kicking in.

What It Does To You

Anxiety is constant fear and dread of things that do not matter as much as they are given importance. The way it can harm a relationship is dreadful. It can induce a hundred worries in a relationship for the person with anxiety when there is not once actual thing to worry about.

Love can calm it down but what it can do to love is terrible. Positive mind and behavior can be cures for anxiety but anxiety does not take long to eat them up, growing immune to them.

People with anxiety feel caged in their own minds for they cannot see past doubts and what-ifs. They cannot decide if a stable relationship is a source of comfort or a reason to worry about what is to come. They cannot see why life is so still.

How to Try To Get Over It with Your Partner

No matter what it does to you or how it damages your relationship, it never hurts to try to get over it along with your partner. Who knows you might come up with the best relationship and no anxiety when you are done?

The key is to do things that make you feel peaceful along with your partner. Go on walks in quiet gardens, take a bubble bath, get a pet dog or do whatever that induces the feeling of serenity in you, all with your partner by your side.

Such activities will make them see the calm side of you and understand the anxious side of you. It will bring the two of you closer.В  – Continue reading on next page

Seek Help

There is no shame in accepting what you suffer from and seeking help from professionals. Talk to a psychiatrist about your anxiety and how it affects your relationship; you certainly don’t want to lose the love of your life because you were too stubborn to share your problems with someone outside of the house.

Join talk therapy. Communicate with other people who have anxiety to know it better. When you will struggle with anxiety with your partner, they will see how much you wish to be out of the misery for the well-being of both of you.

Their love and constant support will be another abstract medicine to your abstract illness.

Face Things

Besides seeking outside help, what you need to realize is that every relationship in the world faces challenges. You need to fight the battle with yourself everyday and knock your doubtful self down. The key to living a healthy life with your partner is to face things with them because life is not a bed of roses. Worrying about things only makes them worse for you.

Your psychiatrist may not diagnose you with anxiety disorder but if you see your relationship falling apart because of your continuous unneeded worrying, you need to go through your actions and change the course of them.

Love is not a common entity, it is rare and fighting something as cruel as anxiety for it is worth it.

Talk to me

Have you ever had or still have anxiety? How did you deal with it? Let me know in the comments below, I’m going through a pretty rough patch myself, would love to hear from you guys.

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