How Can You Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Taking You Seriously Or Not?

Love is a chance that you take. It’s never a certainty or an assurance. It’s an opportunity that you try to make the most out of. But still, it can backfire on you if you’re not careful. You have to know whether you are placing the right bets or not. You never want to be investing yourself in someone who isn’t worth taking a chance on.

In the end, if you place too much of your hopes on someone who isn’t really going to be taking you seriously, then you’re the one who is going to end up feeling cheated, shortchanged, disappointed, and heartbroken.

And don’t think that the guy you get into a relationship with is automatically going to take you seriously. There are so many nice guys in the world out there who would be worthy of your love.

But there are also going to be a lot of guys out there who would be so willing to prey on your gullibility and ignorance. You always want to stay mindful of the men that you date. You want to keep yourself guarded so that you don’t end up having to mend the remnants of your broken heart.

There will be some men out there who will get into relationships that they don’t take seriously. Why? Well, they might be treating you as some kind of rebound. They might just be using you to get over a previously failed relationship.

Maybe he’s just desperate to be in a relationship and he’s using you as a kind of placeholder until the one he really likes comes along. Maybe he’s a coldhearted and sadistic individual who just wants to make fun of the women that he met. You will never know unless you try to stay mindful of the many red flags that you need to be on the lookout for.

If you notice that your man isn’t taking you seriously, then you need to confront him about it. If he refuses to change his ways, then maybe it would be best for you to just walk away and excuse yourself from the situation entirely. You don’t have to be taking part in a narrative with a man who doesn’t take you seriously. No one would blame you for wanting to leave.

So, without much further ado, here are a few signs that the man that you’re with just doesn’t take you seriously:

  1. You are the one who is always initiating the contact in the relationship. You know that if you leave him alone, you would probably go weeks or even months without talking to one another. Somehow, it’s always you who has to make the first move in your relationship.
  2. He always expects you to do all sorts of things for him but you never really feel like you are free to do the same with him. They always ask you to run certain errands or do some favors for them. But when it’s your turn to ask them for something, they have all sorts of excuses.
  3. He never really introduces you to his group of friends. This might not be an issue early on. But if you get deeper into the relationship, it should already be a given. If he doesn’t introduce you to his friends, it might be because he isn’t really serious about keeping you around for the long-term.
  4. He always criticizes you just for the sake of doing so. In any kind of relationship, there should always be room for criticism. But the way that he does it is so insensitive and cruel. You know that he isn’t doing it out of love or concern. He’s just criticizing you to hurt you and make you feel bad.
  5. He doesn’t really like to open up much about himself with you. You know a lot of the basic stuff. But then again, anyone who has access to his social media profile would know these details too. He doesn’t really open up to you about anything real.
  6. He never wants to do anything with you just for the sake of spending time with you. He only ever really hangs out with you when he knows that he is able to get something out of it. It shows that he’s only in it for the benefits.
  7. He acts physically abusive with you. In any kind of relationship that is built on genuine love and respect, physical abuse would never be present. Always stay wary of a man who isn’t ashamed about laying a hand on you.
  8. He turns to you for financial support. He always expects you to pay for the meals that you have on dates. He turns to you to buy his clothes, gadgets, and toys. He treats you like a personal piggy bank and he isn’t even shy about it.
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