How Do I Tell My Wife I Want A Divorce Without Hurting Her?

Divorce, even the word, has some dark anxiety attached to it. I come from a broken family, so this answer is coming from deep within my past. If you and your spouse are not happily married, no rule says you NEED to stay together like that. If you’ve tried getting help, couple’s therapy, family interventions, and it still hasn’t changed anything, there is no shame in asking for a divorce. It’s the mature thing to do. Why be unfair to someone and yourself by living a life you don’t want to? I always advise my clients against rushing into marriage; please do not rush into marriage. Marriage is supposed to be one of the most significant decisions of your life, don’t like it lightly.

Ask yourself why you want to get married. Don’t do it because of anyone else. Do it when YOU are ready. There’s an available why the divorce rate is going over the roof because people who aren’t compatible try being compatible. I’ve seen so many couples get divorced in my 30 years of life. I’ve even seen couples who had been married for over ten years get broken apart and divorced. My own family was broken, and yet they tried to keep dragging it as much as they could. But no matter how hard or how long you try to pull something that’s broken, it won’t get fixed. It’ll stay broken.

So talk to your wife, tell her how you feel. If you’ve tried your best and things still haven’t worked out, speak to them about what to do next. Because being together is not healthy for either of you, it’s not good for your mental health either. So please, talk to each other. Be civil, be respectful, and talk your heart out.

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