How Do You Know When a Libra is Done with You?

When a Libra is Done with You

Sometimes, things don’t always go the way you want in relationships.

Do you feel as if you’ve been neglected by your lover?

What do you do when a Libra is done with you in a relationship?

Do you still have a chance at trying to make things better?

What else is there for you to do in this situation?

It’s always unfortunate whenever a relationship turns sour. All around the world, people spend so much of their lives looking for their one true love. That’s why they go out on these awkward dates with random friends or strangers to see if there’s a spark. Sometimes, these dates go well at first, but then they unravel towards the end. Sometimes, they turn into flings. Other times, they can be terrible. However, there are some rare instances wherein these dates can present something more tangible and real. They can signify the start of something extraordinary.

So, you decide to take your chance on it. Perhaps, you think that you have a shot at making things work. You’re willing to put yourself out there and lay it all out on the line for the person you’re interested in. And things go well for the two of you. Things get a lot more intimate, and you eventually fall in love. You’re in the thrill of a relationship, and nothing could be better than what you’re feeling. This is part of the relationship wherein you are most excited and passionate.

What could go wrong, right? What else could you ever want now that you’re happily in love with someone who loves you in return?

Things Going South

However, not all relationships are built to last. Sure, you might have gotten off to a good start, but that doesn’t mean that things are always going to stay that way. Sometimes, no matter how good your intentions might be at the beginning of a relationship, things aren’t still going to remain perfect. You might notice that your partner is starting to drift away from you. Somehow, you feel like there’s a certain disconnect in your relationship and that things are far from ideal.

Then, you get frightened at the possibility of you losing the person you love. You’ve always known that breakups happen, but you may have never really thought that it could happen to you. That’s the problem. You feel like it’s a genuine possibility now, and that scares you. What are you going to do now that you feel like your partner is growing more and more disinterested in you? What else is there for you to do?

Turning to Astrology

Sometimes, in life, we can turn to science for answers to most of our questions. However, science can’t give answers when it comes to love and romance. This is why a lot of people tend to struggle with their relationships. Although, if you know about astrology, then you know that it can do wonders for helping you with your daily interactions and relationships. In this case, can astrology help you out with dealing with your Libra partner?

Well, the short answer is yes. Once you get to know the personality of your Libra partner more, then you would be in a better position to see if they’re seriously rethinking being in a relationship with you. Remember that a Libra is one of the most amiable and friendly Zodiac signs out there. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t get fed up in relationships either.

Signs that Your Libra Partner is Done with You

Yes, a Libra is sociable. However, they aren’t very good at handling conflict. If they’re getting fed up in the relationship, they won’t always be so open about it. Here are a few ways that you can tell that they’re done with you in a relationship without them opening up about it.

They Spend Less Time with You

First off, they will not want to spend so much time with you. They crave positive energy all of the time, and they will want to avoid people who don’t make them feel good.

They Don’t Engage in Conversations with You

Get ready for one-word responses that bring conversations to a dead-end. A Libra isn’t going to be in such an amiable mood whenever they’re contemplating a breakup with someone they’re in a relationship with. This might go on for a while since they hate conflict so much.

They Will Not Talk about the Future with You

A Libra isn’t going to feel so enticed to talk about the future when they’re feeling discouraged about the current state of your relationship. Don’t expect them to want to make any concrete plans with you if they are unsure that the two of you will still be together.

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  1. Yes Libras can be the best relationship of your life and they can also be the worst one too. I am a Libra myself and I was with someone else that was a Libra too. It was the best years of my life and I truly felt in my heart that she was suppose to be my forever, my soulmate, and my true love. Well that all ended abruptly after 8 years together. Completely blindsided and no communication at all. Libras are notorious for lack of communication sometimes because they are a people pleasures and don’t want to have a conflict with anyone close to them. Talking to a Libra calmly will definitely help you out on the communication level. Libras are very loving and would do anything for anyone and they can also be the worst kind of people if you get on their bad side!!

    1. Talk “calmly”…still the same line?
      Have u done that to the she libra?
      Did u give her what u expected from her?
      Read this…almost everything in the list holds good, he libra. 😊

    2. “Talking to a libra calmly”…on SW spoke nicely and avoided, doesn’t mean that all will do so.😊
      The fox let me know the behaviour in the line “I forgot the email id”. 😊
      Fyi: talking to all stars calmly will help keep the relationship. Even if they r capricorns, whom astrology claims are heavy goal driven. Why? Because God created all with a beating heart which hurts.
      All humans are loving and will go to any extent to care n love. But taking for granted is anyone’s prerogative?
      #Introspection 😊

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